ohmylol (ohmylol) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Kash Doll makes a racist anti-asian joke about the Corona Virus

Rapper Kash Doll made a very racist "joke" about the Corona Virus on her instagram, she deleted after being called out but she forgot Internet never forgets, so far she hasn't released an apology.


People have really showed their asses with this, humans were a mistake.
Tags: black celebrities, nobody, race / racism
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what the fuck is wrong with her
Not even a clever xenophobic joke, if she wants to really make her point then Mulan should be the only one wearing a mask since masks are only really effective if infected people wear them...
Trash Doll.

Now she'll cry and say she didn't mean it and SORRY!
🙄🙄🙄 What an idiot.
these are the memes my frineds and i are sharing in our groupchat but we're all Asian and we're living in a SEA virus outbreak city soooo ... lol
People are fucking dumb. I just can't with this racist garbage.
Urgh someone on TLC asia posted some shitty thing on insta on valentine's!

And I hate it and it is so insensitive especially because we are in asia and we have so many infected and suffering here.
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