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Kash Doll makes a racist anti-asian joke about the Corona Virus

Rapper Kash Doll made a very racist "joke" about the Corona Virus on her instagram, she deleted after being called out but she forgot Internet never forgets, so far she hasn't released an apology.


People have really showed their asses with this, humans were a mistake.
Tags: black celebrities, nobody, race / racism
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I've seen fellow black people defend this by saying "they never cared about us." I never understood this way of thinking. Wrong is wrong. Period.
Right? I saw that a lot in the comments of the post I mentioned in my comment and like... it’s still racist, dummies
I love my people but sometimes they make me shake my damn head. It's the same line of thinking for people who defend R.Kelly by saying "what about Harvey Weinstein". Like that's not...the way to go about it
I agree! This is not the time for racism/but a time to hope this illness is handled with care 100% (too late for that though)

I also think the media (to an extent) is downplaying this virus because from what I seen has been happening in the cities in China that are under quarantine is horribly frightening and messed up on so many levels! The Chinese government really didn't handle this well. It does seem though that proper medical care if caught early helps ones chances to surviving the Coronavirus though. Just read an elderly woman in Japan died from the virus too and this was before flights from "certain parts" in China was banned from Japan.

I hear stuff like this kinda often and I really don't understand it.
IKR. Like, are they trying to be as awful and racist as white people? Come on now.
ugh seriously.
I haven’t heard that excuse but my mom (we’re black) repeated a racist joke about this to me and when I shut it down she got so defensive.
she was all “I’m not saying I agree with it” and I’m like but then why are you telling me and laughing tf??

I also know this guy who’s pakistani and he’s been having a field day with this.
tbh they both have a history of saying gross things about chinese people in particular and idgi.
like do you guys think ppl wouldn’t be just as disgusting if we were in their position??
I’m so over everyone right now.
It’s playing straight into white supremacy’s hands. Divide and conquer right?
disgusting. asian racism has become so normalized that whenever something like coronavirus or sars happens people really go out the way to show their ignorant asses. i had to stop visiting lipstickalley bc of the disgusting racism so many of the users there were displaying this entire thread was a mess


LSA and the shade room are toxic af black internet spaces
that site is no longer mostly black people - consider how often LSA gets mentioned here. I think people hide behind "black face" to say what they really think.
I don’t understand how anyone can visit LSA, that website is a fucking cesspool
Ugh. I have to believe that half of the people posting on LSA aren't even Black, but there is so much anti-Blackness and self-hate on that site.


1 month ago

I try to avoid a lot of topics on that website. I'll look at light hearted gossip or things like that. Heavy topics? I know I'll get upset. They're backwards on a lot of issues and very stubborn. Calling out prejudice or racism against other races will get you a lot of "who cares. They don't care about us!" And it's just...It's full of ankhs.

Ya between that and the other forms of bigotry on that site, I never go there anymore except for very specific topics when they have the gossip on something and no one else does. It’s a cesspool.
I was disappointed to see Steve Lacy said something similarly gross on Instagram when a fan asked him to come tour in Asia and he said they needed a vaccine first 🙄 These assholes think they’re so edgy when they’re just racist
Steve Lacy is legitimately a horrible person. He's said anti-Black things about not wanting to date Black men so the Asian racism is just on brand for him.
Ugh yeah, I found a Twitter thread exposing him on that mess too. Being half Asian himself, I'd expect him to have some intelligence about his identities, but I suppose that's giving a man too much credit!
Hes gay??


1 month ago

Welp *begins to take down his music from my playlists*


1 month ago

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Not funny at all. Idk much about her, but I hope she is humble enough to hear the legit criticism and explanations off how xenophobic/sinophobic it is.

Also, Li Wenliang deserves a monument and endless praise and recognition for his sacrifice.

Time magazine is trash, but he should be a person of the year nominee, if not winner.

Racists think they're so edgy! The amount of anti-Asian racism, xenophobia & hysteria is insane.


February 13 2020, 20:53:23 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 13 2020, 20:53:37 UTC

Come on man that's not cool, and there really is no excuse here, it's wilfully ignorant and racist, nothing subtle about it...I wonder what defenses she uses if she responds lol "I truly did not realise the impact my joke would have on people.....although I was joking I understand it is insensitive" lolol
No one posts apologies for anti Asian racism, duh!
the amount of people being racist like this over the corona virus honestly makes me sick. like literally any excuse to be openly racist people will take
I could basically hear the palms rubbing and see the lips salivating when this started blowing up. the fact it was china specifically only made it more "oh no" because it's basically a racism field day where I live in that case.
People are shameless with their blatant racism.

Today a reporter called in at a local Chinese restaurant wanting to do a ''piece'' on them, just to find out if the business was declining due to the virus - which is totally uncalled for and needless to say, general public is stupid and they wanna create unnecessary panic and spread misinformation.
This has made me so isolated at work, I work at a dominantly white place and am basically a token Asian, and the insensitive shit they say at lunch makes me so uncomfortable I've taken to eating at my desk.

I walked away from them once mid lunch during one of these tirades and haven't spoken to some of them since.

I'm honestly so over it
Ugh. So sick of this shit.

People are fucking dying in China and we are joking like this? Fuck that.
Just experienced this first hand. A woman got on the train a few stops after me and sat down next to me. She immediate started elbowing me for no reason. When the train cleared out a bit she went to move seats but gave me one last elbow before getting up. She then proceeded to take pics of me, I think, til we both got off at the last stop. I decided to say something bc I was PISSED so I called her a racist bitch and she said “get away China get your disease away from me!” So then I WENT OFF and said she was fucked in the head. She also tried pushing me again so I pushed back. Then she changed directions and clearly wanted to walk behind me down a flight of steps and I said I AM NOT WALKING IN FRONT OF YOU DOWN THESE STEPS! So she went and walked ahead of me while calling me China this and China that.

I’m still shaking and I shouldn’t have pushed her but she was about to put hands on me. Thank god for this Chinese dude who stopped and talked to me for a few mind afterwards to commiserate about racism from other minorities. Yes, the kicker was that lady was black and had a nice accent, maybe Haitian?
I'm so sorry that happened. It's extra frustrating when it's another minority. We're all dealing with racism so why are you doing it to someone else?!
Yes! It hurts more to me. Like, we should be banding together, not turning on each other. She was prob a Trump supporter to boot.
Holy shit this made me so upset just to read. To experience physical and verbal violence bc of racist ass bullshit.... I’m so sorry. Glad you’re safe and avoided further danger of her pushing you down the stairs. Hope you’re feeling a bit better xx


1 month ago

i've been so paranoid about being in confined spaces, like trains and elevators, with other people lately. My fear is that someone is going to do something like that to me. And I can be... aggressive with strangers. Someone just a few months ago was randomly insulting me for being in their space (I wasn't rly but that's what they thought) and they said that I, as a Chinese person, should be more polite (I'm not Chinese nor have I come across any Chinese person who mistakes me for such, but I am Asian). When I told them I wasn't Chinese, they told me we (Asians) are all the same anyway... sooooo, yeah. I'm very scared about people's latent racism becoming more and more blatant

and it's obvious that this is all just an outlet for racism -- if she were really afraid that you had an infectious disease, why would she repeatedly initiate physical contact with you? Make that make sense...


1 month ago

omfg i'm sorry

honestly poc doing this just shows how quickly people will jump at any scrap of superiority


1 month ago

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