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Kash Doll makes a racist anti-asian joke about the Corona Virus

Rapper Kash Doll made a very racist "joke" about the Corona Virus on her instagram, she deleted after being called out but she forgot Internet never forgets, so far she hasn't released an apology.


People have really showed their asses with this, humans were a mistake.
Tags: black celebrities, nobody, race / racism
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If her raps are as good as her jokes, I understand why I've never heard of her before.
I have seen this one posted EVERYWHERE including my bfs roommate from China
Still doesn't make it okay though...
It's like people just can't help themselves. Gotta be racist cause why not?
Words fail me. The racism has just been off the charts with this.
That "black celebrities" tag is SO generous.


February 13 2020, 20:00:09 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  February 13 2020, 20:01:59 UTC

Americans freaking out about Coronavirus are so annoying. If you're an American, go get your fucking flu shot, you're way more likely to get flu than corona.

Also, I hate that people use it as an excuse for their racism/bigotry.
Especially when they said the most at risk are very young kids, the elderly, or the immunocompromised.

That rules out a lot of people in between.

And yes get your flu shot.
She an idiot for posting this but people worrying is understandable. This virus isn't like the flu, it's more transmissible and has a higher mortality rate. Also they quarantined two cities larger than NYC to stop it... That's going to cause panic.


February 13 2020, 20:53:23 UTC 7 months ago Edited:  February 13 2020, 20:54:06 UTC

Fair enough, it is definitely more transmissible since people haven't had a chance to develop immunities.

I'm kind of ambivalent about the reported death rate. Because so many people are not officially diagnosed/counted, the death rate is potentially a lot less. People with worse cases are more likely to show up to the doctor/hospital and be counted and die. People with milder symptoms might mistake it for a bad cold/flu and be fine afterwards and never counted. Of course, this could go the other way, but I think that people going to doctor in the worst case is more likely than staying home.

Risk of dying outside of China is less than 1%. I imagine a lot of the problem in China is/was the information shutdown, intense population density, and overwhelmed/unprepared health systems.

I just feel like people overreact to a danger that isn't likely to affect them while ignoring more present, more pressing dangers.
This virus isn't like the flu, it's more transmissible and has a higher mortality rate

No it doesn't - https://www.vox.com/2020/2/12/21134718/coronavirus-china-deaths-mortality-rate

Over 60,000 people died from the flu in America alone in 2018-2019. Nobody in America has died from Coronavirus. People's fears are misguided and rooted in racism.


7 months ago

someone i follow posted this too...i don't understand how it's funny and how you can think it's NOT offensive
More like Trash Doll...
This shit ain't cute, people's lives are comprised and in jeopardy.
There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Toronto that have reported lost business, prank phone calls, and really nasty comments on social media. A popular toronto news site did a review of a new Chinese restaurant and half the instagram comments were just horrible.
I was in Toronto when SARS hit and I remember restaurants would would have signs on their doors reassuring the public that they were very clean and none of the employees or employees’ family members were sick. :/ If it’s possible, people have gotten even *more* ignorant and hateful than they were in 2003.
This is happening in LA right now :( I was getting dinner with a friend in a primarily Japanese/Japanese American populated part of town and they had signs on most of the restaurants that said "We Disinfect Daily" :(
I heard Asian restaurants here lament that fact as well; just empty rooms and prank orders.
Chinatowns all over North America, I've read. (Like the one in NYC is losing business too even though there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus there.) My parents go to ours (in Chicago) every weekend to stock up on Chinese groceries, have dim sum, etc. and she said places there are a lot emptier than before.
I saw on my local reddit people saying they were going out for chinese lately and the restaurants were totally empty, even at peak times. it's def made me want to eat some more chinese lately. local businesses need our support right now because bigots gonna bigot
Yeah the restaurants in chinatown melbourne are reporting a downturn of 80% and some have shut down. It's awful.

Deleted comment

it seems like everyone says something like that as soon as they see an Asian person these days.

Hilarious! Original! Sharp wit!

A Lot of the replies to tweets about BTS arriving to the Grammys were about the coronavirus, it was awful , seriously the xenophobia and racism that people have shown with this has been so appalling

Deleted comment

Between the Coronavirus and part of the wall being dug through sacred Native American burial grounds I’ve had enough of peoples jokey racism for the rest of my life.
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