Phineas Gage (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Phineas Gage

A Serial Homewrecker Will Allegedly be Exposed in Real Time on TV Next Week

Many ONTDers do not watch "The Bachelor," on ABC. But you might want to, at least next week. Why? Because a woman who has allegedly cheated with three or four married men will allegedly be exposed on tv next week.

Victoria Fuller was announced as a contestant last fall. Immediately afterward, numerous stories emerged about her wrecking the marriages of at least three or four of her close friends.

(this post contains spoilers for the show up to last week's episode)

Scandal!Collapse )

Ever had an affair, ONTD?

I plead the fifth

Any melodramatic drama queen cheaters in ur life, ONTD?

source, source, source, source
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Man, I gotta watch.
Why are they giving this waste of space airtime???
her top (in that insta post) is very ill-fitting. that's all I feel like saying rn
I'm probably the only one who is like rme @ this but she always does that dumb hug where she jumps up into Peter's arms and wraps her legs around him. LOL and yes I know that shouldn't even be on my radar in a post like this.
They all do that thought. Every season. It's so annoying. Do people do that IRL? I've never seen it. And if I tried to do that to someone, they'd tip over (or lbr, I'd never be able to jump that high so I'd fall over into them and we'd both end up in the ER.)
Lmao so weird, I only noticed it with her for some reason. And I don't think people do it that often in real life at all but these people are all on reality tv so we already know they love attention.

The thought of doing that to someone I don't really know just feels sooo awkward lol I don't have the personality for it. Sometimes I feel like all of them have GOT to at least partly be putting on an act.
I hate how hard I'm going to watch this.
i would never cheat. i've had friends who've cheated and have said "you don't know until you're in that situation" but legit the idea makes me nauseous. i was cheated on, it was awful and i still have serious trust and self-esteem issues because of it.
Trash all around. I despise cheaters and friends who cheat with their friends' husbands deserve a special kind of hell.
I wonder how many of the people in here whining that the other woman shouldn't be blamed for her actions in here are actually doing that type of shit on the downlow and are deflecting. It's always the same people too.
Nah. I have never and will never cheat on anyone, and I don’t think this woman’s priorities are in tip top shape, but she’s not to be blamed for someone else’s decision. They’re adults.
so if your best friend fucked your husband or wife, you wouldn't feel negatively toward them at all?


1 week ago

yes! i'm so tired of people acting like it's totally cool to fuck someone's spouse because the other woman wasn't the one in the marriage. anyone who thinks that is shady as hell and is definitely capable of some fuck shit.


1 week ago


6 days ago

It’s the same when people defend huge age gaps

“Well when I was 21 and dating a man twice my age, it was AMAZING and age is different for everyone and everyone on ontd is just a loser.”
Isn't this the one that had a scandal *last week*? what a wreck lol
The musician was a few weeks back
She's had a few.
She sounds like a great girl.
i only saw the first episode and she struck me as insane
This girl is nuts

She’ll make bachelor in paradise entertaining
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