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A Serial Homewrecker Will Allegedly be Exposed in Real Time on TV Next Week

Many ONTDers do not watch "The Bachelor," on ABC. But you might want to, at least next week. Why? Because a woman who has allegedly cheated with three or four married men will allegedly be exposed on tv next week.

Victoria Fuller was announced as a contestant last fall. Immediately afterward, numerous stories emerged about her wrecking the marriages of at least three or four of her close friends.

(this post contains spoilers for the show up to last week's episode)

Scandal!Collapse )

Ever had an affair, ONTD?

I plead the fifth

Any melodramatic drama queen cheaters in ur life, ONTD?

source, source, source, source
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justice for Alayah!!!!!!!!!

Victoria F's pouting and sexy baby-ishness has been way worse than hers
Alayah seemed so sweet.
she really did! she seems like she would be a lot of fun to be friends with. the rest of the girls, like, unionizing against her was so funny to me because after all their accusations and complaints, she left coming across waaaay better than any of them imo

especially when Victoria F, who was pushing the whole "Alayah is a fake drama whore" narrative in Alayah's final hours is.... this
ia about alayah. the two girls who tried to “expose her” sydney and victoria p both were revealed to be liars and now everyone hates her for no reason. annoying tbh
i always hate when women with obscenely long hair get some of it cut off and go on and on about ommmmmg such a change, look how short it is, and its still passed their boobs.
I did not come here to be personally attacked!!
you know what i hate? my coworker with waist length hair who brushes it in the canteen
lol same, I'm like unless it's shorter than like, mid neck, it ain't short. Call me when you get a pixie.
OMG thank you! I'm always thinking like bitch, that ain't short.
proud of ha

should have used an Alicia Keys gif hehe
Alicia keystoyourmanshouse


1 month ago


1 month ago

holy fuck
Idk anything about her or the bachelor but I was awestruck over how similar she sounded to Nick Kroll with fake vocal fry.
Yeah, I’ve told this story before but someone in my family has been with like three or four married men. Has two baby daddies (both married) and she is well-spoken, put together, independent etc. She’s not the stereotype you see on TV/movies. My Mom says she doesn’t “think” like normal people. I think most people think these people operate out of malice, and tbh, they don’t because they see nothing wrong with what they are doing.
She sees nothing wrong with it because she's getting validation for the behavior and she's a sociopath.
Seconding the sociopath comment.
most people dont do that shit out of malice, it's out of complete and utter narcissism and self centered-ness. the only thing that matters is their own storyline. the validation they get, how valid the relationship or feelings are, etc. they're peak "this is MY TRUTH" type people, as if however they experience their reality has to be accepted by everyone.

malice is about trying to hurt someone else as the primary motivation. insecurity/validation is a much stronger motivator, also sociopathic again lol.
both parties are at fault (especially whoever is committed) but also if u constantly end up being involved with your friends' partners maybe u have some issues to work through idk

i've worked in places where couples both worked there and then one partner also cheated there and it was dramatic and awkward af

i also know someone who was strung along this dude who was ''divorcing'' for years but actually ended up having more than 1 kid with his wife and never actually divorced her, they're still together lol. the girl found out when she went to his house and he literally peeked through the window but still even bother answering the door.
I’m so sad I’ll miss the live post since I have to wait for it to be posted to Hulu. I’ve been waiting for this.
Im on the same boat 😕
Honestly, I just read the comments here in real time for the entertainment value! I live in Ca, so can watch that night, but choose to wait for Hulu to have a commercial free option the next day.

Especially with this draggy season.... I read here night of, then check out a recap or two before deciding if I should bother watching at all. I skipped this week!


February 13 2020, 03:31:35 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 13 2020, 03:32:14 UTC

Did y’all hear that tea on Reddit from a woman who went to high school with Victoria? She was a mean who girl bullied the redditor for being gay (or at least directed homophobic insults her way) and her whole self conscious act is just that- a cover up for the manipulative narcissist she is. I was mindblown to hear just how truly awful she is. Sleeping with her best friends husbands was just a fraction of it.
I believe it. Sydney was apparently also a bully.
her whole self conscious act is just that- a cover up for the manipulative narcissist she is

I've been saying this all season, she 100% acts like that to manipulate Peter on the Bachelor and I'm sure she acted like that w/ her friends' husbands too.

Not surprised to hear she's a homophobic bully as well. Like her looks seem to be the only thing she has going for her, because every facet of her personality is UGLY.
Her whole ~I'm a shy baby uwu~ thing was so obnoxious and fake. Ughhh the Revolve episode was when it started to peak.
Omg I just realized my syntax is all off in the first sentence how embarrassing
I gotta say this is a good promo because I've never watched the Bachelor and never had any interest but this promo ALMOST had me. I'll just try to remember to google the it after the finale lol
Same. Except I was taken out by ‘bring her home to us.’

Like that’s too much.
The "bring her home" part was so cringe. It's shit like that that makes me not want to watch because you know whoever his mom's talking about, she's only probably met this girl like twice yet she's being so OTT lol.


1 month ago


1 month ago

I read on reddit that she was even a bridesmaid to one of the women.
I heard she was in one of the weddings, but holy shit!
I didn't know he was dating somebody else until we were out on a date. Flirted with him but I was stupid drunk. Nothing came of it. Turns out they both regularly cheated on each other and he asked for my nudes months later when I wasn't in a good place. A year later he was acting like the family man when he had a kid, learned he was still cheating on his girlfriend, now wife. I was like ah, what a trash heap and moved on. And then once a guy confessed he liked me before I got out of a relationship, that relationship went down in flames and I got with the other guy within a week. The guy was a drug addict and an alcoholic. He was a mess. I knew if I stayed with him I'd regret it and so when he confessed to me(high or whatever he was on) in the middle of the night when I had to work early morning that he loved me in a text. I told him to lose my number. Thankfully he did and I haven't talked to him since. Two years later I met my husband and the rest is history. We've been together 8 years.
Are you sure that's not Shay Mitchell?
There is something too out there about this lol, like 1 person? Maybe. 4? HUH? At the same time? I dont care about this girl/this season in general has been garbage, but I don't know about this since I read about it months ago.
Nooo I wanted Peter to pick her and then while he’s waiting Chris shows up and drops this info and then Peter cries and goes home alone. Because I hate him as the Bachelor so much that I want him to have the unhappiest ending.
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