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A Serial Homewrecker Will Allegedly be Exposed in Real Time on TV Next Week

Many ONTDers do not watch "The Bachelor," on ABC. But you might want to, at least next week. Why? Because a woman who has allegedly cheated with three or four married men will allegedly be exposed on tv next week.

Victoria Fuller was announced as a contestant last fall. Immediately afterward, numerous stories emerged about her wrecking the marriages of at least three or four of her close friends.


(this post contains spoilers for the show up to last week's episode)

Steve Carbone, aka "Reality Steve," is a blogger who is notorious for posting accurate spoilers about reality shows. Immediately after the cast was revealed, he received multiple independent tips from reliable sources about Victoria F. allegedly having affairs with multiple married men. The worst part? The men were allegedly married to her close friends.

Producers apparently knew about Victoria's shady past but cast her anyways for the sake of drama.

On the show, Victoria has been portrayed as immature and emotionally unstable. She has dramatic mood swings, cries for no reason, is passive-aggressive with Peter and regular-aggressive with the other girls.

She has also been shown as a liar, at least once. She claimed to date a semi-famous country singer named Chase Rice. But Chase Rice revealed that he had only ever spent one night with her.

In next week's episode, a woman who is a friend of Peter's who also resides in Virginia Beach, Victoria F.'s hometown, will apparently interrupt the date to reveal Victoria's homewrecking past. Victoria apparently has a breakdown and throws a huge tantrum.

Oh-- and after the season wrapped filming, Victoria F. allegedly ran into this woman in a bar, started shouting and cussing at her, and got kicked out.

Ever had an affair, ONTD?

I plead the fifth

Any melodramatic drama queen cheaters in ur life, ONTD?

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