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Who Went Home Last Night on Bravo’s Spy Games? - S1EP04 - Drop Dead

Episode 4 Description
Competitors are dropped from the side of a building, as the Assessors test their ability to retain and recall information while under extreme pressure and alliances in the house begin to turn against one contestant, who is dealt a sabotage.

About the Show
Living together on a compound, 10 contestants engage in spying against their fellow players while competing for $100,000; former intelligence professionals train and judge the contestants in the art of espionage; Mia Kang hosts.

Anyone else watching this early 2000’s reality / The Mole-ish show? Since I’m sure like only 2 other people are probably watching this, feel free to use this post to discuss part 1 of the Below Deck Season 7 reunion. Or any other trashy Bravo reality show tbh.

Top Performer
Brock Thompson

Bottom Two Performers

Christina Randall

Charnel Wright

[So who went home?]Dismissed
Charnel Wright

Brian de Saint Pern and Courtney Skippon from “Below Deck” go head-to-head about what happened in their relationship and how each of them handled the situation.

Sources: My Television and 1 | 2
Tags: andy cohen / wwhl (bravo), reality show - bravo, reunion

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