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The View: Gavin Newsom, Hot Topics

Whoopi is out (back Wednesday). Meghan is out (back Tuesday). Ana is here, and Tyra Banks is guest co-host.

Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Am I allowed to like him? He’s hot. I’d hit it.]
Gavin and T45 are in a feud. Plays clip from SOTU. Stanctary and lol @ Nancy face. Joy thinks he hates California because all his enemies are there – Newsom, Pelosi, Schiff. Gavin rattles off eleventy billion reasons California is better than T45. Plus 67 lawsuits that they keep winning. The future happens here first. He wants people to have a sense of optimism. It’s not just about DC, if you want to drive change, go local, lots of good things happen. Sunny asks about all the attacks and will that affect him. Says he will not capitulate, he will stand up for what’s right. Drags Lindsey Graham.

Ana asks about Dem candidates. Gavin endorsed Kamala but has kept quiet since she dropped out. He doesn’t commit, but he was just at National Governors Association and there is deep anxiety that the party will fracture between the Sanders-Warren wing vs the moderate wing. Not his point of view per se, but privately there is anxiety. Ana anxiety is that T45 gets another 4 years. Gavin is confident we can beat T45, talks about 14 contests on Super Tuesday. Tyra says he’s said he has no interest in President but what about Vice President. He hedges, but essentially is like nah. [A Calif. VP doesn’t win the EC]. They move to economics. Dems always sort out the deficit, then GOP mess it up, then Dems come back and fix it. Tyra still wants Gavin as VP.

Hot Topic All About Oscar

No hosts? People appeared out of nowhere. Eminem. Renee talked longer than The Irishman. Saw Steve Martin and Chris Rock and was happy, then bleh. Sunny loved the Eminem performance. Ana said it was hostless, blackless, and hispanicless. Ana liked the music, especially Cynthia Erivo. Recommends everyone see Harriett, the story of Harriet Tubman, we must not forget history, and she should be on the $20. Sunny liked Joaquin’s speech, quotes excerpt about forgiveness and second chance. Sunny believes in redemption, segues to Harvey W. Joy likes that Parasite won, has been watching foreign films since high school, people should be used to subtitles. Ana at first thought it was about Republicans in the Senate bah dum tss. Tyra only got to some of the films, too many to watch now. Didn’t see three, will watch on the plane home. Sunny liked OUATIH, thought Pitt was masterful. They talk about him being Benjamin Button. They ponder his age (56).

Joy skips the beautiful gowns, brings up Billie Eilish wearing Chanel pajamas. No one can sexualize her since they don’t know what her body looks like. Tyra talks about gaining 25 lbs in the last 3 months.

Hot Topic Debate Recap

Plays clip. Amy excerpt from debate. We have a newcomer in the WH and look where that got us. Sunny brings up black voter support. Mentions Kamala record as a prosecutor was constantly brought up, but the same hasn’t happened yet for Klobuchar. Lists a few examples. Ana thinks Mayor Pete got a bump, so everybody punches up. Also thinks the newcomer label is unfair because it’s not that T45 was a newcomer, it’s because he’s heartless, corrupt, lawless, disrespects military, divides America, that he’s gone bankrupt. Tyra thinks it’s about the squad. If you have experience, then you have to surround yourself with fresh perspective. But if you are new, then you need to surround yourself with experience. Joy thinks you need a manager to run the country. Gives analogy. The talk about Bloomberg, he would be a great manager but he lacks in charisma. Sunny talks about conversations she’s been having with think tanks, people aren’t as bothered about some things as she thought they would be. Ana thinks people need a Plan B. Sunny thought Buttigieg was evasive about what he was doing with the black community in South Bend.

Hot Topic Friday Night Massacre

TRE45ON went on a firing tear Friday evening, a la Saturday Night Massacre during Nixon (but that was before he was impeached-resigned). Now he’s just being petty and vindictive. Lt Col Vindman was fired and escorted out. His twin brother, who had nothing to do with anything, was also fired and escorted out. Scorched earth Amb. Sondland was also fired. GOP Senators who swore T45 had learned his lesson are still clutching their pearls in a cave somewhere. Ana has a meltdown rant. But not before they begged T45 to not fire Sondland, because Sondland is wealthy and a contributor to their campaigns. The invertebrate GOP Senators did not try to intervene on firing either of the Vindman brothers. Joy asks Tyra as a mogul if she’d fire them. She tells story about 360 feedback and she gave them the safety of anonymity. Sunny is mad that he’ll never be held accountable.

*Both Vindman brothers were fired from their WH duties but they were reassigned, so they are back working in a military capacity and have not lost their rank. So, reality show spectacle on top of the retribution.

Hot Topic Tyra Opening Modelland

Tyra talks about her evolution as a model and then being told No because she was black or thick or whatever and then ANTM but felt that limited the number of participants. She’s opening up Modelland to the masses. Compares it to an alternate universe like Black Panther. [Idk I kinda lost the plot sorry]. Go to

Hot Topic Honoring Black History Month Captain David Harris

[He doesn’t have a Wiki page]

Growing up, David Harris had no interest in becoming a pilot until he joined the ROTC at Ohio State University. It was there that David was exposed to flying for the military and decided to join the Air Force in 1958. He flew the B-47 and B-52 Bombers until 1964, when he interviewed for a job with American Airlines. During the phone interview, he felt compelled to tell the chief pilot he was black, after facing rejection for his skin color in previous interviews. “This is American Airlines and we don’t care if you’re black, white or chartreuse, we only want to know, can you fly the plane,” responded the chief pilot. David became the first African American pilot to be hired by a commercial airline and eventually became the first African American to be promoted to Captain. He continued his career at American until he retired in 1994 after 30 years of service.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

So much more pleasant when she's off. Stay gone.

Ontd are you sick?

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