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Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Victim Blames His Victims

In a recent interview, Time's reporter Megan Twohey questioned Weinstein's lead defense attorney Donna Rottuno was asked if she had ever been sexually assaulted before.

"I have not because I would never put myself in that position," she said on the New York Times podcast. "I've always made choices from college age on where I never drank too much. I never went home with someone that I didn't know. I just never put myself in any vulnerable circumstances ever."

When asked if she thought every woman who was sexually assaulted put themsleves in vulnerable positions, she replied with some more victim blaming drivel.

"Absolutely not but just as we make smart decisions when we walk out on the street at night, I think you have to make the same decision when your putting yourself in circumstances with other people," Rotunno added.

"When we walk out at night we look around, we make sure we have our phone, some people take mace. We take precautions. All I'm saying is women should take precautions."

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Tags: harvey weinstein, sexual misconduct, true crime
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