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DAMN. Here are the Black Women Pulitzer Winners to Celebrate Black History Month (ONTD Original)

The Pulitzer is an esteemed award given to those who have excelled in various forms of media and literature - from books to music to journalism to poetry to novels. Here are the some of the trailblazing black women who have earned the highly prestigious award. OP will include a bit of background of the women if not mainstream, their winning piece and if possible some interviews to highlight their genius.

1. Gwendolyn Brooks, poetry. She is the first black person to win the Pulitzer Prize for her work Annie Allen, a story of a young girl becoming a woman. Her work often highlighted to stories of the marginalized including black people and immigrants.

2. Suzan Lori-Parks, drama. She is the first black woman to win the prize for drama for her play Topdog/Underdog a play about two brothers, one whose job is being Abraham Lincoln in re-enactments. (Fun fact - one of her projects was 365 Days /365 Plays where she wrote a play a day for an entire year. How Sway?)

3. Lynn Nottage, drama. She is the first woman to receive two Pulitzers in 2009 and 2017 for her works Ruined, which tells the plight on Congolese women during wartime and Sweat, a story of friends/co-workers who must draw lines when there are layoffs.

4. Rita Dove, poetry. She won in 1987 for her collection of poems titled Thomas and Beulah partly based on the life of her grandparents.

5. Natasha Tretheway, poetry. She won in 2007 for her collection of poems, Native Guard. She grew up in the south, where her parents being an interracial couple were married in an illegal ceremony. Most of her work is inspired living in the South.

6. Alice Walker, fiction. Her seminal work The Color Purple tells the story Celie, a young girl living in the 1930s South. The epistolary novel tells of her life, trials and her path to liberation.

7. Tracy K. Smith, poetry. She is currently the United States poet laureate and won for her 2012 work, Life on Mars.

8. Toni Morrison, fiction. The great American novelist who left us too soon. She won for her 1987 novel, Beloved.

OP hopes that for 2020, you will, like grandma used to tell me: "tap into yo black genius, baby".

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