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Investigating Heterosexuality: “Why Do Women Love Adam Driver?” by Elle Magazine

Investigative journalist for Elle Magazine, Jill Gutowitz, goes deep and undercover to try and understand why some women find Adam Driver attractive or sexy. “With the Oscars looming this Sunday, widespread thirst for Best Actor nominee Adam Driver continues to grow,” she writes. “In the past, I’ve had difficulty understanding male thirst phenomena like Timothée Chalamet and Benedict Cumberbatch because I’m a lesbian. I want so badly to participate in stanning Adam Driver, but I’m immune to his sex appeal. It sucks.”

A woman named Karen says her attraction to Driver began after his role in Star Wars and cites his “zaddy voice” and “elevated intensity” as reasons for her attraction to Driver. Over a cup of coffee, Lindsey tells the Jill, “I like feeling like he had to ‘overcome his looks’ at some point,” and added that “‘regular hotness’ is overpowering.”

Gutowitz then notes that studies have shown that women are often attracted to tall men. “Adam Driver is 6’2”, tall but not overpowering. Both [Karen] Fensterstock and [Lindsey] McManus report that they actually would still be interested if Driver wasn’t tall,” she writes.

“I checked in with my Horny Gay Correspondent, Matt W., who is confused by this. ‘That doesn’t make sense,’ Matt says. ‘Adam Driver is, as we say in the queer community, tall.’ Matt postulates that men who are tall actually don’t need to have faces. ‘As far as I’m concerned, Adam Driver does not have a face. He’s literally just height and a trembling lip.’”

Read more hard hitting investigative journalism at the source.

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