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Apple fined €25 million for slowing down older iPhones and not letting consumers know

Apple has been fined €25 million (approximately $27.4 million) in France by the French watchdog for competition and fraud (DGCCRF) for intentionally slowing down older iPhone models and not making it clear to consumers.

The company admitted that it only did so to “prolong the life” of its older devices and not to encourage people to upgrade. Apple has issued software updates in 2017 that capped the performance of iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE models, whose aging batteries aren’t usually able to handle surges in energy use and to prevent older iPhones from crashing as a result.

Despite this, the DGCCRF said Apple failed to inform consumers that the issues they were experiencing were the result of its software updates or that replacing the battery — rather than the entire phone — could fix its problems. The company also didn’t allow its users to revert to previous versions of its software to help potentially fix this problem, leaving its users stuck with a slowed down device.

Apple will pay the fine and is required to share this information on its website for one month.

Tags: apple / iphone, legal / lawsuit

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