DC (bananainpyjamas) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Tan France says he won't return to living in the U.K. because of racism

- Says he used to assume he'd eventually move back to his native U.K. but no longer plans on doing so

- Being gay isn't easy in Salt Lake City but he is "less likely to be called something on the street"

- "I suffered so much racism here and it’s just not something I want to put myself through,” France said. “I love this country, I love what it potentially represents, but I just think that until they solve this problem or move forward with it, where you just are not attacked every day, I’m not willing to be here."

- However he admits fame helps as he's no longer stopped as often for being a potential terrorist because people recognize him from TV


I'm an Indian-American who moved to the UK a few years ago and I see where he's coming from. I wouldn't say the UK is more or less racist than the US overall but anti-South Asian racism (and anti-Pakistani racism in particular) is definitely more overt over here.
Tags: asian celebrities, queer eye (netflix), race / racism, south asian celebrities
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