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Brian Cox says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were ‘driven out’ of Britain by racists

+ Brian Cox has shared his thoughts on Succession, acting, politics and the ongoing debacle concerning the Royal Family.
+ On the detrimental power of the media and the impact it has had on the Royals: "They [some sections of the media] have forced Meghan and Harry to quit the country. Let’s not beat about the bush — they have driven them out, and yes, I have no doubt at all, some of it is racist. It’s horrible what has happened to them."
+ On the Monarchy overall: "I think the Queen is an amazing woman, and what she has done is incredible. But when she’s gone, the whole bloody shooting match should go, I really think so. We won’t end this feudal hold on our culture and system until then."
+ On his politics and upbringing: "There was a lot of inequality in Dundee at that time. You had some of the richest people in the country because of the jute industry, and DC Thomson, and some of the poorest people, too. But I would say I had a pretty blissful childhood up until my Dad dying and my Mum being taken ill. My Dad was one of the most generous people you could ever meet. There were hundreds at his funeral. He was always giving people credit and not getting the money back. For all the problems, it was a proper community. That is where my basic socialist politics come from."
+ On Logan Roy and swearing: "A part where I just tell everyone to f*** off is bliss, because I feel like telling people to f*** off all the time in my own life. I don’t buy this nonsense that swearing is a sign of limited vocabulary. Good swearing can be incredibly expressive. [...] [Logan Roy] is such a great role. And the other characters are so well drawn. We have more fun on set than you would believe. We’re like a family… a proper family without all the hatreds of the Roys!"
+ Succession Season 3 will (probably) air later this year. Brian gave this interview while sewing one of his jumpers.

Tags: actor / actress, interview, royalty / royal family, succession (hbo)

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