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Hansen vs Onision/Kai Roundup + Part One of Interview Summaries

- YouTube cockroach Onision aka James/Greg Jackson has admitted to having sex with the woman who claims he groomed her when she was underage.
- Sarah (summary of her interview with Chris Hansen under the cut) was a fan of Onision and his partner Kai (then going by Lainey) and became close with the couple. She eventually moved in with them and they obtained legal guardianship of her. Sarah was one of the first victims to speak out against the couple and alleges that the two groomed her while she was underage. They eventually all had sex when she turned 18 (during one sexual encounter Greg and Kai's child was in the same bed as them).
- Up until now Greg has denied all of Sarah's claims but in a recent video he is now claiming that it was Sarah who pressured him and Kai to have sex with her.
- Last week Onision was in court as he had filed for a protection order against Chris Hansen and fellow Youtuber Repzion. However, Onision had filed against the wrong Chris Hansen. Onision then asked for a dismissal of his petitions. There is speculation that he came wearing a bulletproof vest under his suit (he has said in videos that he does own guns).
- Since going to Onision and Kai's house and asking for an interview Hansen has continued to interview others involved in the situation.
- Hansen also fired his media manager Vincent Nicotra for unprofessional behaviour.
- Onision also recently said he's "retiring" from doing face videos.

Under the cut are the first part of the interviews Hansen has conducted with victims of Onision and Kai as well as people who have been involved in their fandom (for now I am not including the earlier interviews with Blaire White and Repzion - but will later if people want them).

TW; for mentions of grooming, sexual assault/harassment, emotional abuse, child pornography, etc;
OP NOTES: As no charges have been laid it should be noted these are all allegations Saying this so Greg doesn't threaten to sue our shoe.

Oct 30, 2019 - Interview with Sarah

- The first private message Lainey ever sent Sarah was asking how old she was. Sarah was 14. Sarah first visited Greg and Lainey (I'll refer to Kai as Lainey here just to help establish a timeline) when she 16, she stayed with them for 5 days and later stayed with them for six months. Sarah's mom was not only okay with this but she signed over power of attorney to Lainey. During this time Greg was very mean to her. He would constantly make her feel bad about her appearance, sexual activities, etc; She also helped them around the house and looked after their kids. During these six months there was no sexual contact. They moved her out because of bad attention. Later Sarah moved back in with (they emotionally manipulated her into it) them and it was kept a secret.
- Greg constantly made comments to Sarah that she and Lainey would be a cute couple. At this time the three of them were in a truple. Though it sounds like it was more sexual than anything else. Feels like she was pressured into it. There were times when the three of them were intimate Onision and Lainey's two-year-old daughter was sleeping in the same bed as them.
- When Hansen asks Sarah if she loved Greg she replies. "I don't... even really know what love is. He doesn't know what love is. I feel like I loved him in a way but the way that I loved him was ...It's what I feel like it's actually supposed to be, but it was tainted with that he doesn't know how to love people."
- She exchanged nudes with Lainey when she was underage.
- Sarah has been involved with Onision and Kai for half her life (she's currently 19). She admitted that she has anxiety and finds it hard to trust or be friends with anyone. She hasn't tried to be sexual and wants nothing to do with romance or sex because she feels it's "horrible." She's currently in therapy to work through everything that has happened.
- While Sarah lived with them they would fly out other girls for sex.
- Sarah decided to speak out about this because she feels Greg will continue to treat girls like this (he emotionally threatened Sarah if she ever spoke out, saying she'd ruin his kids - yes, he has kids). She's also worried about Greg's kids.
- Hansen calls out for YouTube for allowing Onision to exist on the platform.
- Sarah's message to other victims: "Don't be afraid of your voice just because someone else is afraid of your voice. You have the choice to decide what people know and what they don't know. This is your story. If you feel the need to share it, don't let anyone make you feel bad about it."
- She has spoken to lawyers about potential charges against Greg and Kai.
- Sarah has been very active on twitter you can follow her @notsolillioness.

Nov 6, 2019 - Interview with Shiloh

- Shiloh is a Canadian pop star. She had already gone double platinum by the time she had met Greg. She saw videos of him on his OnisionSpeaks channel and decided to email him asking for help with her boyfriend. They messaged back and forth for 8 or 9 months before eventually meeting. Greg pushed Shiloh to come out to see him despite being married (he later claimed he divorced Skye for Shiloh).
- Shiloh was 16 when they first started talking and 17 when they met. Greg was ten years older than her. He said they could get in trouble with their first meeting and researched the laws of the state Shiloh was working in for legal consent. They shared a hotel room and had sex within five minutes of meeting, she says she was confused but it was consensual. The hotel called the police because Greg had camera equipment in the room and they were worried he was going to film her (he didn't).
- Says because she already had a career she had a lot more control of her life she had a fallout with her mom and Greg encouraged her to push her away. "I told her to leave, I'll never not regret that." They lived together in Toronto.
- Says that Greg had pornographic images of his ex-wife's sister. Greg then showed Shiloh other pornography he had including hentai of a woman being raped. Notes the girls were all very flat-chested and young-looking. Greg tried to normalize it and because of her age Shiloh went with it.
- Had sex up to 8 times a day. Says she got a lot of UTIs and was in a lot of pain. She thought this was normal. Greg also masturbated between this times. Shiloh believes he's a sex addict. It was about lust and control never love.</b>
- Hansen asked if Greg ever hurt her, Shiloh said he was aggressive. He'd pull her hair to the point she couldn't breathe and called her bitch and slut during sex.
- Greg took Shiloh away from her career as a popstar as soon as she turned 18 they moved her to Seattle which took her away from her manager, agents, etc; He took away her phone and gave her one he managed. He wouldn't let her talk to her mom.
- She was dropped by her management and lost her record deal.
- Greg told her he wanted her to shave her head while they were having sex. He took her to the bathroom, shaved her head and then went back to having sex. He then tried to make her do videos as bald characters for his channel.
- Once after sex Greg told Shiloh she was morbidly obese (she's 5'0" and was probably 130lbs) he left her in the shower. She was so upset she passed out. The next thing she was next to his desk, she didn't know where she was or who he was. She found out later it was a grand-mal seizure. Greg filmed the whole thing and put it on Youtube and claimed it was to help people.
- Greg would record everything and put it online. This often caused his fans to attack Shiloh online.
- Hansen asks why didn't she leave. Shiloh said "I kept thinking what if he's not himself right now ... what if this is my fault? ... I believe I stayed because I thought I loved him." They were together for two years.
- Shiloh says she's since become agoraphobic and in therapy. She also continues to have seizures.
- She got pregnant while they were together. During a checkup, they discovered there was no heartbeat and Shiloh was told she could go septic if she didn't get help. Greg then released a video talking about Shiloh having sepsis. He said he wouldn't help her get healthcare or take her to the hospital. Shiloh went to Canada to get help. While there her mom took her passport from her. During this time Greg was trying to get them on Judge Judy.
- Shiloh stopped talking to her father after he essentially threatened to kill Greg if he didn't leave her alone.
- She now suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia. Thinks if she had stayed with Greg she would have committed suicide which would just be another video for Greg.
- When Hansen asked what Shiloh now would say to 16-year-old Shiloh she replied "Trust your friends. Trust your parents. Trust those people telling you I don't know if this is a good situation. Really be careful and mindful. ... Don't get involved off of those few good feelings someone is giving you. ... Just because someone is being nice to you ... and making you feel good about yourself you need to get to know someone for real. Know your support system if you're not sure ask somebody. ... It definitely isn't your fault or anybody's fault for being victimized by someone like this."
- Shiloh also tells people to trust their gut and listen to their inner voice if it's telling you something isn't right in a relationship. Trust that over nice feelings.
- Says Greg is a sociopathic narcissist and he needs to get help.
- At the end of the interview, Hansen says he got an email from Greg who was apparently watching the livestream. He basically says Shiloh is a liar and asks where Hansen's integrity is - which Hansen thinks is hilarious.
- Shiloh's career is back on track she released a new album late last year which you can listen to on Spotify and her music video is here. Please support her.

November 13, 2019 - Interview with Regina summarized by lannischester

- First discovered Onision at 12 when she was struggling with her mental and physical health (due to bullying and Hashimoto’s) and found his video about why you should not kill yourself.
- Got in contact with Kai through instagram after commenting on his post. They talked about music/interests and then talking about their personal lives which then “developed into more” after a few months of the relationship. She was 15 going on 16 at the time, Kai was 19 -- according to Regina they rarely discussed her age, but Kai was aware of it.
- Slowly progressed from “you look hot/attractive” to “I love you”. The “flirting” was initiated by Kai. Regina stated she enjoyed the attention at the time but is “110%” sure she was groomed.
- Started texting on phones and Kai would send BTS pictures of Onision’s videos because Regina was a fan/moderator of his forums. Had little contact with Onision at the time, only Kai; Greg was unaware of the relationship between Kai and Regina until later on.
- Kai made Regina a moderator for her facebook page, twitter and eventually most of her social media, through which Regina met Sarah.
Become sexual ~3-6 months in the relationship -- they would video chat and one day Kai appeared topless on camera, acting nonchalantly (Regina thinks Kai was “testing the waters”)
- Sexual conduct ramped up. Regina, Kai, and Sarah had a group chat where they shared thirst traps, with Kai asking Regina to send pics of herself in her underwear (16 at the time) and replying with heart-eye emojis, compliments etc.
- “Kai played it off as ‘oh well this is friend banter, this is how friends talk’.”
- Escalated sexually, with Regina and Kai exchanging fully nude pics, with Regina’s pics being more graphic.
Kai told Regina Greg had said it was okay if Kai and Regina had a sexual relationship.

- Relationship continued until Regina was 17 going on 18. Regina believed they were “actually in a relationship”. Kai became less interested as Regina got closer to 18 (“Because I wasn’t of value [...] attention-wise, relevancy-wise [...] age-wise.”).
- Kai got back in contact in 2019.
- Discussed her going to their home in Washington several times. First time was for Kai & Greg’s wedding to take pictures, as Regina was into photography -- Regina’s mother prevented her from going.
- Usually only in contact with Greg when Kai would have an “emotional outburst” and/or ghost Regina. An example was of Regina contacting Greg due to concerns about Kai’s eating disorder (would only eat tic-tacs) and Greg would reply that everything was fine.
- Kai asked Regina out at 17. A month later told her she was dating a girl named Billie.
- Relationship continued off and on and ended Sept. 7. Sent Kai a message ending the relationship on Snapchat, then blocked him:
“Kai, I tried. I tried for so long to be close to you again and it never worked out. And then I don’t talk to you and you wanna be my friend today. Was our friendship ever legit or was it just for your convenience when you felt the time was right? And Sarah. Sarah was nothing but undyingly loyal and you let her get treated like this. Was any of you guys’s friendship real? You changed Kai and it hurts me desperately to see this and it wasn’t for the better. I miss the old you. And I can’t be associated with someone who thinks treating their friend like you did Sarah is okay. Letting Greg do what he did with you knowing was not okay. Your morals are disappearing Kai and it breaks my heart to see you act this way and I’ve been fucked up for days about this and I can’t associate with you anymore. I can’t support Greg’s actions and I can’t support you supporting him/not stopping him. I need to be appreciated like a friend would and Sarah deserves so much better. I loved you, I looked up to you, I’m sorry and goodbye.”
- Regina to Kai now: “You knew what you were doing. You knew what your end game was. How dare you? Shame on you.”
- Regina to Greg: “You knew your end game, Greg. You know what you’re doing. You have it all planned out. You’re very meticulous. You need to just come out with it and stop and be off the internet all together forever, especially with your forums. You were told what was going on with the forums, yet you never stopped it and it’s shameful.”
- Doubts all conversations with “Kai” were with Kai himself.
Says Sarah is her best friend now (met before Sarah and Kai met).
When asked if the situation was like a cult, Regina responded yes. Says they are “undoubtedly” predators. Says they should get criminal charges and be prosecuted.
- Regarding the forums, says there was doxxing, pedophilia (grown men knowingly hitting on children, including Regina)
- Complained to YouTube, plans on contacting authorities
- Thinks it’s likely they sold her nude photos, though is uncertain
- Message to other girls/12yo Regina: “Run. Devote your time to yourself and working on yourself. And don’t devote your time to essentially working for free for someone who can throw you away like nothing ever happened. You’re worth more than devoting all your specific time to the person and you have value you can do great things and this person is not going to help you. [When you’re kicked out at 17] Kai is not gonna care. Kai is not gonna be there for you. Kai is not gonna keep you safe. Look out for yourself and that’s what matters.”
- Credits her mom for helping keep her safe, as she felt things were not right
- Says she blames herself for messaging Kai and for introducing Sarah to Kai.
- Says they didn’t ask her to help recruit other girls
- Says in addition to Kai grooming people, he was an awful friend -- their friendship was emotionally physically draining -- felt like his personal assistant at times and nothing more
- Says the Onision forums were traumatic: was doxxed (phone number), facebook hacked and had her nudes (not the ones sent to Kai) spread (around the time she and Kai started becoming friends)
- Credits Sarah for giving her the courage to come forward
- Message to YouTube: “Shame on you. You know what’s going on. Thousands on thousands of people have told you what’s going on. [...] And what are you doing? Not a single thing. And I’ve lost all my faith in YouTube until I see some action being taken.”
- Messages to other victims: tells them it’s not their fault, Onision and Kai had a plan for them, get help/seek therapy, go to authorities
- Says she’s sad to revisit memories but is happy to be moving forward and that there is a movement against predators
- Chris says they received rambling message from Onision to contact people who have incriminating evidence on him.

I'll post more summaries in the next few days, hoping to get through all the interviews. Huge thank you to lannischester and iznanassi for helping me take this on! I definitely couldn't do this on my own!

Source + 1, 2, 3, 4
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