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The View: Pete Buttigieg, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full panel

Whoopi v Meghan again, Impeachapalooza second clip

Pete Buttigieg

More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

[Did he do something different to his hair?] Plays clip. Talks about Iowa and momentum and crossing demographics. Talks about how much has changed in the year since he was on the show in 2019. Sunny revisits if America is ready for a gay Potus. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Plays clip of precinct voter who didn’t know until that moment, took her vote back. Despite liking his message, she rescinded because he was gay. PB gives his answer, reaction. Joy wonders how he will overcome the religious bigotry. PB talks about his faith and how he plans to address that.

Talks Romney vote in comparison. MP thinks it says a lot about Romney that he did it, and what it says about him vs his party. It signals there is another way. MP then talks about his electability and experience. Drags T45 a bit. Says every time a Dem candidate has won in last 50 years, the candidate was new in national politics and hadn’t run for Potus before. [Pretty out of context, but seems directed @ Sanders and Biden, re/multiple Potus campaigns. Otherewise, Obama was a Senator. Clinton was a multi-term Governor and head of then-DLC. Carter was a Governor. Even Clinton2 was a Senator and SOS, re/she won popular vote.]

Sunny moves on to next races. PB is positioning it as voting for the revolution vs the establishment. Talks economy, which shouldn’t be measured by stock market. Talks more about differences between him and Sanders, and is frightened by the polarity in our country. Explains more about his policy approaches. Wants to rid us of Tr/mp and Tr/mpisms. MP talks about his position on pro-choice, and that people’s interpretation of when life begins will be different but no one should be subjected to another person’s interpretation. Doesn’t believe it should be up to the government, it should be between a woman and a doctor. They argue over details and timing and late term abortions. He trusts the woman’s decision both medically and morally. [Whatever people feel about PB, Meghan is rude].

Joy brings up Bloomberg, wasn’t in Iowa but still got a boost. PB says he’s not envious but believes candidates should have human contact and not just ads. Believes people will respond to his message and they have the best answers. Sunny brings up (lack of) black support. Polls around 2% nationally. Plus internal campaign issues with poc. PB addresses her points, emphasizes he wants to close the gender gaps in all areas, lists more specifics.

Joy says Pence likened Pelosi ripping up her copy of SOTU to ripping up the Constitution. PB says ripping up the Constitution is sending your lawyer to the well of the Senate and saying anything you do is ok and legal. Rapid fire round. What keeps him up at night: coffee and polarization of country. Favorite Republican: Richard (Dick) Lugar (Iowa Senator who passed away last year). Dinner guest dead or alive: Alexander of Macedon [aka Alexander the Great], Sally Ride (astronaut), [Bantu] Stephen Biko (South African civil rights activist). Oscar choice: hasn’t seen a lot of movies, liked Little Women. Bucket list: Antarctica, or North Pole. Party trick: pour a drink and flip it over his head without the liquid coming out.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Mitt Romney coming through in the clutch, being the first and only to vote to remove from their own party. Plays clip. Naturally, the Russiapublicans are rabid dogs on the attack. Whoopi covers the history of Romney family. Glad that someone stood up for what’s right. Joy points out T45 is already attacking from the National Prayer Breakfast, and also threatening every single person who spoke out against him, because that’s a totally Christian thing to do. And the admin just pulled Gold Entry status for NY because they declared themselves a sanctuary state [Pettiness personified, the Gestapo rolls on]. Sunny talks about faith driving his action.

Whoopi and Meghan argue. Meghan has Russiapublican talking points and dismisses MR vote claiming he’s this that and the other and he had nothing to lose [except that T45 and his goons have been at him all day and people were yelling at his wife at the airport]. Whoopi doesn’t care about all the other talking points, she’s glad at least MR stood up on this topic. Whoopi goes off on Meghan, who is being exceptionally rude. Whoopi’s point is that she doesn’t hate anyone, and doesn’t agree with MR, but can be grateful he did this one thing. Lots of you hate somebody and you hate somebody and you hate somebody. Whoopi cuts her off for commercial.

Hot Topic Honoring Black History Month Jean Baptiste Point du Sable

Click here to read more about Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable is regarded as the first permanent non-Indigenous settler of what would later become Chicago, Illinois, and is recognized as the "Founder of Chicago". A school, museum, harbor, park, and bridge have been named in his honor. The site where he settled near the mouth of the Chicago River around the 1780s is identified as a National Historic Landmark, now located in Pioneer Court.

Point du Sable married a Native American woman, Kitiwaha, and they had two children. In 1779, during the American Revolutionary War, he was arrested by the British military on suspicion of being an American rebel sympathizer. In the early 1780s he worked for the British lieutenant-governor of Michilimackinac on an estate at what is now the city of St. Clair, Michigan north of Detroit. // Point du Sable is first recorded as living at the mouth of the Chicago River in a trader's journal of early 1790. By then he had established an extensive and prosperous trading settlement in what later became the City of Chicago.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Spoiled petulant child, every day, who thinks her dad was a saint.

Ontd who would you have at your dinner table?

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