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iamamiwhoami & ionnalee fans call out Hayley Williams

Last month the Paramore frontwoman release her debut single, Simmer, from her forthcoing debut solo EP. Immediately fans of the enigmatic ionnalee noticed similarities to her solo projects and even more so to her iamamiwhoami project. iamamiwhoami created a stir in 2010 with several mysteries videos appearing on Youtube, many of which had the internet trying to guess who it could be. Guesses ranged from Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera to Poe and Lykke Li. Now, ten years since the original release of the iamamiwhoami project, fans are calling out Hayley Williams for allegedly ripping off the original project.

"Interlude" comparisons:

"Cinnamon" comparisons:

I think the biggest point to iamamiwhoami fans is that Hayley has gone ahead and used several references, and there is no one specific video she's ripped off just the general aesthetic and visual story. This point was further driven home with Hayley's use of the "figures" in the white morph suits in her latest video for "Cinnamon" which has been a staple of the iamamiwhoami audiovisual strory for years.

iamamiwhoami (top), Hayley (bottom)

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Tags: iamamiwhoami, music / musician (alternative and indie), ontd original, paramore / hayley williams

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