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The View: Jessica Simpson, Hot Topics

Full Panel. Alec Baldwin is guest co-host.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is promoting her book Open Book

Two more clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

There have been a lot of posts about her book. Check her tag if you want to catch up

Jessica is Me-again husband’s celebrity crush and he would leave Me-again for Jessica. Wrote the book to own her truth, get to know herself, felt it was a healing process. Talks about her evolution of being objectified and receiving all the body shaming. Likes that her daughters get to look up to artists who now celebrate their bodies no matter what they look like. She’s been sober 2 ½ years.

Discusses the s’x abuse she received from age 6-12 from a female family friend, who was only 1 year older, and the friend was being abused herself. Tw in case you watch the second clip. Feels like the beauty is in forgiveness and how we let go. She cried a lot when recording the audiobook part. Goes back to talking about addiction and sobriety and the drivers behind her issues. Explains the exact day she realized she had to get it together, gives details.

Talks about Newlyweds. Doesn’t think the show led to their divorce. The show was hard. In the beginning it was real, but by the end, it was a drag. Talks a little about John Mayer and his effect on her self-esteem. Whoopi diverts to current husband. Her husband’s parents are in the audience, who surely enjoyed JS saying their son Eric was JS sexual shaman loool.

Hot Topic State of the Reality Show Huckster

Alec Baldwin is a guest co-host, starts off with a SNL T45 intro. SOTU was bonkers. First T45 blew off Pelosi handshake, then Pelosi tore up the speech. Joy has a criminal and fascist rant, to which AB compliments her earrings. Talks about the acrimony. Joy said you didn’t need a fact-checker, just watch Pelosi face. Sunny said Pelosi answered that she ripped up speech because it was full of lies. Seemed over-produced, all the reality show moments. Sunny hated it, SOTU was not the place for reality tv. Using Tuskegee airman as a prop for black community, lists all his nonsense, she goes OFF.

More talk about attempt to woo black voters. Discussion about little black girl going to charter school. Whoopi is appalled because he runs that failing public school. Improve schools, then no one would need to go to charter schools. Brings up Rush Limbaugh, also appalled about him getting the Medal of Freedom. AB tries a ha ha joke, it doesn’t play well. Why not the Tuskegee airman, or Elijah Cummings wife. Rush has 30M followers but he’s a sexist racist pig. Used to play Barack the Magic Negro every day. Sunny goes OFF again. Rush gets medal, beside a black Tuskegee airman, during Black History Month, on Rosa Parks day, she’s mad. AB says you know all that money they’re putting into fossil fuels and corporate friend bank accounts, why not debt relief for college students, gives analogy of 7 yr old black girl who may eventually come up with the cure for cancer, pay for her college. Thinks we should spend money to cultivate the talent and intelligence of who we have.

Hot Topic Iowa is STILL Counting

We are at least a dozen news cycles past this now, Senate vote is tonight, another Democratic debate on Friday, NH votes next week. /whatever at this point

Jokes about how long it’s taking to count votes and where they might be. Approx 71% results show Buttigieg-Sanders tied. AB thinks the only way we’ll win is to rally around the eventual candidate. AB thinks, it’s a long time away, but for now based on nationwide polling, Biden still looks to be the choice of the people, but thinks Warren, Buttigieg, Yang also have strengths [he's only rattling off names, doesn't say anything bad about any candidate]. Says we have to get behind whoever the candidate is or we’ll collapse. Pivots to difference between GOP vs T45 supporters, GOP hated him and knew what he was like but they vote GOP regardless. Wonders if Biden will be this era’s Reagan, older, because GOP didn’t care about RR age. Some talk about age and health of T45. Conversation strays all over the place for a bit. AB talks about playing T45 on SNL, that he was going to stop but Lorne called and asked again. Whoopi says don’t get hung up on Iowa. Some talk about moderate GOP. Tea Party took over and messed things up. Reshaping of what the country stands for has become scary and problematic.

Hot Topic Oscar Talk

Whoopi and Alec talk about the Academy Awards show, to air on Sunday. Alec hosted with Steve Martin 10 yrs ago, and Whoopi hosted as well. Some banter about knowing everyone on first name basis. AB talks about the financial side, says the Academy earns 90% of annual gross revenue in one night, so it’s very important to them. AB called after he hosted, tells jokes about trying to provide notes on how to improve the show, which they didn’t want to hear. Whoopi talks more about why it should be ok to celebrate the hard work by people in your craft. AB thinks it’s one of the most intensely collaborative industries. People know who are top of their game in all areas, eg like dolly grips (not just those with recognizable names). Whoopi thinks the hosts are the transition point and they want the show to go fast, but that’s not a good thing. AB promotes his podcast Here’s the Thing which right now is Oscars based, with some archived interviews with guests who have won. Spotlights filmmakers for For Sama the documentary about the horrors in Lebanon.

Hot Topic Honoring Black History Month Biddy Mason

Click here to read more about Biddy Mason

Biddy Mason was an African-American nurse and a Californian real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is the founder of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, California. Born a slave, she developed a variety of skills and developed knowledge of medicine, child care, and livestock care. In California, she successfully petitioned a court for her freedom.

Using her knowledge of herbal remedies, she risked her life to care for those affected by the smallpox epidemic in Los Angeles. One of her employers was the noted physician John Strother Griffin. Saving carefully, she was one of the first African American women to own land in Los Angeles. As a businesswoman, she amassed a relatively large fortune of nearly $300,000, which she shared generously with charities. Mason also fed and sheltered the poor, and visited prisoners. She was instrumental in founding a traveler's aid center, and a school and day care center for black children, open to any child who had nowhere else to go. Because of her kind and giving spirit, many called her "Auntie Mason" or "Grandma Mason.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Every day I’m putting this out there in the universe. Listen to me, universe, listen to me.

Ontd did you know Mitt Romney will vote GUILTY on Abuse of Power?

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