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Brutally Honest Oscar Voter (Actress) Wants American Director to Win

Whew this is a WILD RIDE from an older (probably white) woman who watched almost all the films, sometimes more than 1x

Some highlights re/Best Picture

. Little Women badly acted, why British* actresses instead of American, and they weren't even poor like they were supposed to be

. Hard pass on JoJo Rabbit because H'tler is never funny

. Marriage Story wasn't truthful (?) and also unrealistic re/their lifestyle given their profession

. The Irishman was boring and they forget to address the old person mannerisms

. Liked Ford v Ferrari, good characters, good story

. Like Parasite but didn't feel it held up on second viewing and doesn't think foreign films should be in same category as regular films

. Put off watching Joker but ended up liking it and thinking a lot about it a long time afterwards

. Liked 1917... crickets, no explanation

. Loved Once Upon a Time and was in the LA scene during the 1960s - first choice for Best Picture (total rankings at source)

Click for more of this lady who was surely laid out on her settee in the sunroom wearing a silk robe, her hair in a towel, a face mask on, and drinking a dry martini while smoking a cigarette [Spoiler (click to open)]

. Director... wants an American to win for American film. British already have BAFTAS and French vote for the French, so America rah rah, and loved Tarantino for a great American movie

. Actor... unimpressed with Driver, Leo already won (lol), liked Pryce but Nope to the Pope, torn between Banderas and Phoenix, went with Phoenix

. Actress... loves Saoirse but not for this film, nope for Scarlett in a film she thought was unrealistic, nope for Erivo because an American should've played Harriet Tubman, likes Theron but hates the real Megyn Kelly (lol), loved Renee who gets her vote

. Supporting Actor ... thought Pacino was just being himself, not Hoffa. Pesci was better but nothing she hadn't seen before, thought Hanks imitated Rogers well but his eyes were calculating and judging (whew), loved Hopkins but he's already won, went with Pitt particularly for the ranch scene

. Supporting Actress ... annoyed by Pugh, she's so much older than her character, Dern was ott, likes Robbie but not in this role or film, Bates didn't do anything memorable, went with Scarlett because she did something different with JoJo

. Adapted Screenplay ... The Two Popes because she was surprised a film on this topic would be interesting

. Original Screenplay ... Once Upon a Time because this woman loves that film

. Klaus for Animated Film, the surprise winner beating all the big studios

. Honeyland for Documentary, it was a nice simple story saving the environment without being annoying like Greta whatshername (she is so salty, and drags Obama too)

. Pain and Glory for International Film

. 1917 for Cinematography begrudgingly over her fave OUATIH

. Once Upon a Time for Costume (she was totally digging this film)

. Ford v Ferrari for Editing (lol @ the dust for The Irishman, shades Scorcese's longtime editor who should've reined him in)

. Judy for Hair and Makeup, but thought Bombshell did get the Fox hair ladies right

. Once Upon a Time for Production Design because y'all she was transported back in time

. 1917 for Original Score with shade to Marriage Story and Little Women, didn't watch Star Wars (lol)

. Did not vote for Best Song because she didn't like any of them, at all

Ontd any guesses on this anonymous Oscar voter?

Tags: #oscars, actor / actress, award show - academy awards, magazine covers and articles
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