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New Motion Picture Academy member breakdown revealed

After the embarassment of #OscarsSoWhite several years ago, the Motion Picture Academy took great strives to diversify its majority old and white male membership. When this inclusion drive was announced, the Academy wanted to double it's number of people of color and women members.

New numbers have been revealed to show that while the number of women and people of color have risen, The Academy is unlikely to ever see its membership truly represent the US population.

Here are the numbers, comparing membership from 2015 to now:

-- Membership grew 35%: 6,261 to 8,469 members.
-- Nonwhite membership: 8% -> 16%
-- Women: 25% -> 32%
-- 31% of new members have been people of color, with the acting and directing branches accounting for the biggest majority of new poc membership. Visual Effects was the lowest at 18%.
-- 46% of new members have been women, with costume designers and casting branches accounting for the biggest majority of new women members. Visual Effects is once again at the low end with 18%.
-- 29% of new members of the executive branch have been people of color, while another 52% have been women. In 2012, this branch was 98% white.
-- 46% of new members are under the age of 50.
-- The Academy has also backed away from labeling non-working members under 'emeritus' status, which would let them continue being members, but not allow them to vote for the awards.

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