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M. Night Shyamalan displays taste. Anounces directors for Servant season 2.

Even though 'Servant' has only just finished its first season on Apple TV+, production is well underway on the second season. Night tweeted a BTS picture with cinematographer Mike Gioulakis (who also worked on 'Us') and French director Julia Ducournau, known for her brutal debut feature 'Raw'.

Ducournau will not only be directing alongside Night himself but also Swiss Lisa Brühlmann (who directed an episode in season 1) and Swedish Isabella Eklöf (who premiered her debut feature 'Holiday' at Toronto film festival in 2018).

Directors for season 1 were M. Night, Daniel Sackheim, Nimród Antal, Alexis Ostrander, Lisa Brühlmann and John Dahl.

OP: these are pretty bold and exciting choices! Have any of you seen their debut features? Do you know any other debuts by women that you would recommend?

source 1 / source 2
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