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ONTD ORIGINAL: Let's Cook! Cooking Youtube Channels to Check Out

Bc ya'll love those Bon Apetit videos and sure! That's great! So let's talk about more food!

Kenji Lopez-Alt, owner of Serious Eats (A very good website about cooking and techniques from a variety of people!) deals with a ton of different foods and science. He's like Alton Brown, but with words and less smugness.

You can also buy his book, The Food Lab.

I have used his recepe for crispy tofu and enjoy it immensely!

If you want to cook some Korean food (and enjoy charming annotations!), watch Maangchi. It's great how she doesn't edit the video to not show the steps (mostly, I mean sometimes you don't have to see steak cook all the time) and how the presentation is genuine.

I mean to try the Korean fruit salad during the summer. It reminds me of a Waldorf salad.

Remember that Britney Spears post from a few days ago?

The post mentioned 'classically trained composer Adam Ragusea', and that's who this is!  I knew him as the "Why I season my butter, not my steak" man, who releases science videos and recepe videos every week before I knew him as 'classically trained composer'.

I have tried the CRISPIER than deep fried potato oven fries and they're very good! Time intensive, but good.

How about something to wash all that food down with? Have a smoothie, by Joshua Weissman. I don't have a ton to say about him besides "Oh hey nice production value". A lot of it is a bit more...not so much 'high end', but 'you can very well make this if you have a miniature GRAIN MILL."

I have tried the carrot, pineapple, and ginger smoothie, and until this post, I didn't realize that it was supposed to have spinach in it too. Oops. Still tasty. Very sharp.

How about some 200 year old trifle? Well, Ann Reardon, aka, How To Cook That, is often recreating old, old, very old recepes with oldx3 techniques, and often calls out influencer videos and Tasty videos that do stupid shit like melting ice cream, whipping it with an electric beater, and claiming it's frosting. It's not. It's not!

I have not tried the trifle and you will not catch me doing it.

What are you cooking? & please, if you know of any more POC cooking on youtube, share them because a lot of this is very white and I want to do better.

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