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The View: Wayne Brady, Michael Symon, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Whoopi takes Fridays off. Ana is here.

Wayne Brady

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
He talks about The Masked Singer and being a girl-dad and his new music Flirtin’ With Forever. People thought he was Jamie Foxx so WB studied JF mannerisms and physicality and teased the audience that it was JF even though surprise, it was not! Talks about why he did TMS and his daughter and that his ex is still his business partner. He thinks you should still be friendly with your child’s parent, out of respect for the child. Explains his fox costume. His daughter is also a dancer in his video for new single (plays clip).

Second clip is a song performance

Hot Topic Chef Michael Symon Super Bowl Snacks

He feeds the panel with Super Bowl snacks. He also promotes his book Fix It with Food: More Than 125 Recipes to Address Autoimmune Issues and Inflammation: A Cookbook. He wrote this book after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and external lupus, which he found changing his food habits has helped his health condition. He doesn’t call it a diet book, it’s more about eating foods that don’t trigger inflammation, but people who have followed the recipes have coincidentally lost some weight.

He has some tasty recipes if you like to cook and want some ideas for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Four different dishes. 1-fried chicken sandwich using boneless chicken thighs and 2-Kansas City style bbq meatballs, special ingredient vodka (!) and 3-Buffalo cauliflower and 4-baked chickpeas.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

1-NYT dropped another leak from Bolton’s book, that T45 asked Bolton in the Oval Office to do this that and the other for Ukraine to investigate Bidens
2-Schiff read the leak into the record for Senate trial
3-#RIPGOP has been trending all day because our Democratic Republic is officially gone

Not going to provide a write up, nothing new is covered and the Senate has just voted to veto witnesses

Hot Topic Sunny Honors the Notorious RBG

Sunny was in DC to help honor RBG for the Liberty and Justice for All Award from the LBJ center. Constance Wu, Holland Taylor joined her, James Taylor performed. Sunny said she’s teeny tiny wearing heels and looked great. Her greatest hope is that polarization will end and that patriots on both sides will decide that their institutions should work for all the people. RBG said they greet each other each morning even if they got a salty opinion the night before because their institution should be stronger than their individual egos. More talk about when RBG was confirmed, and the GOP who supported her.

Hot Topic More Dress DNA

E Jean Carroll accused T45 of r’ping her in the 90s. She kept the dress. The DNA has been tested. She wants T45 DNA to compare. Panel goes in. Maybe she could get it from Stormy Daniels. Or maybe she could get it from Rudy Colludy who has been kissing up so much. Joking aside… Ana says EJC should be taken seriously and DNA provided. Sunny says of course T45 claims he doesn’t know her, despite evidence to the contrary. Panel wonders why women keep clothes with DNA on it. Sunny tweeted out the cover page of lawsuit and it got 10K likes. Ana says we can’t get numb to all the things he’s done. Sunny reads the legal note.

[the chicken that Meghan references is from the Michael Symon segment which aired earlier in the show]

Hot Topic Men Need to See a Therapist

Writer for Vox only dates men in therapy. She puts a priority on her mental health and expects the same from her man. Joy says her husband looked at it like a facial, he tried it once, but then nah. The panel talks about whether they believe in therapy or have been in therapy. Joy quotes Socrates, who she dated (bah dum tsss). Ana doesn’t feel it should be a disqualifier. She won’t date a man with bad breath. Sunny wonders if he’s in so much therapy then maybe that’s a red flag. But she’s a proponent, only thinks it should be talked about so everyone is clear why. People going to therapy has skyrocketed since the T45 admin. Ana has a 5lb therapy dog. Joy thinks any Potus should be in therapy.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Every day I’m putting this out there in the universe. Listen to me, universe, listen to me.

Ontd are you going to watch the Super Bowl?

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