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How did The Good Place end?

*Last night saw the end of the NBC comedy The Good Place. After four years, how did things end up for the gang?

*The episode was titled "Whenever You're Ready" and was written/directed by series creator Michael Schur.

*Previously, the gang had finally arrived at the real Good Place, but it wasn't necessarily as fulfilling as one would think--so much time in paradise turns your mind into basically mush, and you become a happiness zombie...pretty much bored all the time and unfulfilled. After the Good Place committee quits and leaves Michael in charge, the gang comes up with an idea, to create a doorway in the woods that one can walk through, and their time in the universe will end. Whenever you're ready, walk through, and you're gone.

*After many Jeremy Bearimys, Jason is the first of the gang to decide to go. He feels fulfilled and peaceful after playing a perfect game of Madden Football. He throws himself one last party, and he and Janet head to the door. He made a necklace for Janet to remember him by, but he lost it. She tells him she will always remember him regardless because of the way she experiences time, and leaves him on a bench outside the door for his last moments of contemplation before passing through.

*Tahani has been working hard on crossing things off her to do list, including mastering woodworking (thanks to Nick Offerman!) and bonding with her sister and parents. Finally, she too is ready to go--except, she doesn't want to walk through the door. She wants to learn to be an afterlife architect like Michael (complete with a bow tie), and design Good Places for all the people who are now able to pass into The Good Place.

*Chidi and Eleanor have been happily enjoying their time together, but Chidi is feeling it is time for him to go. Eleanor, not yet ready to go, takes Chidi on a whirlwind trip to his favorite places to remind him he can still stay here and be happy, but he knows it's time to go. Eleanor is afraid to be alone, but realizes that she owes it to Chidi to let him go. They share one last night together, and when Eleanor wakes up, Chidi is gone....but not without leaving her a beefcake calendar featuring himself so she can still remember him.

*Janet takes Chidi to the door, and watches him walk through.


*While she is watching Chidi, Jason pops out from behind a tree. He has been waiting many many Jeremy Bearimys for Janet to return to the door, because he has found the necklace and wants to give it to her. In this time waiting, he has become full circle and used his time in the woods to clear his mind like a monk, not that he realizes he did that. After giving Janet the necklace, he too walks through the door.


*Eleanor feels her time isn't done, and she convinces Mindy to try and take the test to enter The Good Place. Mindy is afraid to have a stranger administer her test, but Eleanor shows her that Tahini will be able to administer her test once Tahini is certified as an architect, and Mindy agrees to try then.

*Eleanor thinks she's ready to go, but Michael is spinning out as the Good Place committee has been disbanded and he has nothing do to except plod through eternity like a doddering old retiree. He tries to enter the door, but of course nothing happens because he's a demon. Eleanor realizes she has one final mission, to help Michael. She goes to Judge Gen and asks that Michael be made a human. He will go to Earth, live, die, and enter the system he created. Eleanor warns him he has to be sure, because things could change up there and the system could change by the time he dies. He tells her not knowing what could happen or how/when it ends is what makes life special. After a tearful goodbye with Janet, who is worried and reminds him to go to the doctor and watch his blood pressure, Michael returns to Earth a real live human.

*Eleanor realizes it is time for her to go. She and Janet sit on the bench outside the door, and talk about the gang's time together (Janet really liked kissing Jason) and ponder what Michael is doing, as we see what Michael is doing. He is living an ordinarily life, with a Great Dane named Jason, a few friends, and taking guitar lessons (from a teacher played by Mary Steenburgen) and is happy. Eleanor walks through the door and we finally see what happens after.

*Eleanor becomes a bunch of tiny glowing points of light, which float up toward the sky. The camera pans around to see the lights floating back down toward Earth. There a man is checking his mail, and tosses a piece of misdelivered mail into the trash. He starts to walk away, but as one of the tiny lights brushes past him, he has a change of heart and retrieves the letter from the trash. We see him taking it to it's intended recipient--Michael. It's nothing big, just a store shoppers card, but Michael is thrilled. And he finally gets to tell the man the one thing he always wanted to say as a human:

Source and also my eyes from watching it.
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