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R. Kelly's 'Ex-Girlfriend' says she was brainwashed by him

-R. Kelly's former girlfriend victim Azriel Clary has confirmed she was abused and brainwashed by him.

-Clary, now 22, met Kelly, 53, at one of his concerts when she was 17 and moved in with him while still in high school.

-In a March 2019 interview Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage defended their relationship with him. Now Clary says she lied and regrets the interview.

[trigger warning: sexual abuse]-She says R. Kelly regularly forced her to have group sex with other men and women. He would have sex 3-5 times a day and abuse the women who did not obey him.

[trigger warning: domestic violence]-When he found out that Clary was speaking to her high school friends he beat her with his shoe.

[trigger warning: sexual abuse]-He maintained control by forcing women to write letters alleging sexual abuse by their family members. He also filmed them abusing children in order to blackmail them.

-Clary left Kelly's apartment 4 months after he was taken into custody. She says Joycelyn Savage is still under Kelly's control and living at his apartment.

-As a reminder, R. Kelly has been charged with numerous counts of sexual assault and abuse across multiple states. He is currently in prison in Chicago, and will face trial in federal court in April.

i'm sorry to include all these details but it needs to be known what a sick fuck he is

Tags: men are weak, r kelly, sexual misconduct
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