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Transgender Actors and Activists Scoff at Idea of Voting for Pete Buttigieg

A panel of transgender actors and activists who appear in director Sam Feder’s documentary “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen” were interviewed at the Variety Studio at the Sundance Film Festival.

Several of the actors/activists showed their support for Elizabeth Warren. Someone asked about Mayor Buttigieg and a few members of the panel looked puzzled and shrugged. “There’s this weird assumption from everyone else that LGBT people like Pete,” Jen Richards said. Jen Richards appeared on the Caitlyn Jenner reality series “I Am Cait” and said she was voting for Elizabeth Warren.

Yance Ford was at the panel and directed 2017’s “Strong Island” which was Oscar nominated for best documentary feature and spoke about Buttigieg. As he was speaking, many other panelists were nodding in agreement.

“I think that he has the responsibility, like every other candidate, to prove that we should vote for him,” Ford said. “From my perspective as a black queer person, who’s from a working class background and a community that has terrible education statistics since I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, I need to hear policy from Pete.”

“I’m glad that he loves his husband. I want everyone to have a loving relationship,” Ford said. “But I’m making my decisions based on policy. And I think Pete will have to address issues of race, issues of equity, issues of police reform. If and until I hear that from Pete, I’ll be listening to the candidates who are talking about those things.”

Only quotes above are from source.

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