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Audi Super Bowl Ad Featuring Maisie Williams Singing 'Let it Go'

Audi enters the Super Bowl ad frenzy with their e-tron, the automobile manufacturer's fully electric SUV. The commercial stars Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams stuck in traffic and instead of getting frustrated, she sings the Disney classic "Let It Go." (And, yes, it is Williams doing the singing.)

    "Once the traffic clears, Williams goes happily on her way, leaving behind the memory of those enraged drivers and environmentally-unfriendly vehicles. She said it best in her Instagram caption earlier today (January 29): 'The future is electric, let the past go!'"

Sources: YouTube | | Maisie Williams' Instagram

ETA: The ad didn't make sense to me at first, but the more I watch it (because, yes, I've watched it multiple times), it's making more sense. Like, when it goes to the rich guy in his stretch limo, he angrily *just* sings the line "I DON'T CARE!" which feeds into rich, old, white guys not caring about the environment. She's driving a environmentally-friendly vehicle while all of these old gas guzzlers are causing fumes and also breaking down, while other people are waiting at buses/using public transport. Then at the end she drives away from the congestion, etc, letting it go.

(And, of course, for Game of Thrones fans, the cheeky 'the cold never bothered me anyway" with the wink ties into Arya Stark/Winter is Coming, haha!)

ONTD, what songs are you currently singing in the car?
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