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Android users can now experience the joy of being dragged by the Co-Star Personalized Astrology App

One of Millennials and Gen Z’s favorite horoscope and astrology apps is now available on Android, this after over 120,000 signed up on a waitlist for it. The Co-Star personalized astrology app, which was released on iOS two years ago, gives users a daily personalized horoscope.

By providing personal information such as your birthday and time of birth, among other things, Co-Star gives users a birth chart that they can use to see their compatibility with family, friends and potential lovers. The company says it uses artificial intelligence and data from NASA to come up with its daily messages. The Co-Star privacy policy also states that it may use your cookies, data and time of visits, and in-app purchases to determine a horoscope message.

Astrology has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and its popularity helped the company raise and secure $5 million in funding from various VC firms.

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