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Brad Pitt’s charity houses are killing people, former homeowner warns

· Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation - which tasked itself with rebuilding New Orleans in the years after Hurricane Katrina - is coming under fire since multiple homeowners have died or fallen ill due to mold in the homes
· Reverend Charles Duplessis says his sister-in-law, Trudy Green, died in January 2018 after years of inhaling toxic mold. Trudy's nephew Dernell Green says the walls in Trudy's home had water pockets in the walls that would burst when touched; Dernell says that because Trudy was receiving in-home treatment for diabetes, she spent more time in her home than the average person. Trudy died from severe bronchitis at age 57
· According to Dernell, an independent inspector toured the home with a Make It Right representative before his aunt bought the home in 2010; the inspector noted issues with the home but Make It Right failed to correct those issues. The issues with mold were caused by the fact that the houses were sealed too tight which trapped humidity, allowing the mold to fester
· In another case, a child living in a Make It Right home developed brain damage. In a letter to New Orleans mayor & city council, another home owner said that she, her brother and both of her parents have suffered illnesses related to faulty homes, saying her Make It Right home was plagued with toxic mold, water damage and bug infestations. She now lives with her parents, in their Make It Right home, which has also has issues with mold, bugs, water damage and toxic levels of CO2
· A study of the homes written by University of Heidelberg professor Judith Keller showed that out of 109 houses, 17 experienced mold/rot and 44 needed repairs. 60% of the properties had issues. Make It Right's last tax return was filed in 2015 and showed the organization had assets valued at over $43mn and a deficit of $17,573. New Orleans activist and Make It Right homeowner Constance Fowler says the foundation's website recently scrubbed mention of Brad's name. A "source" told The Sun that Brad has visited and is helping home owners address issues with their homes while Brad's spokesperson says he intends to keep his promises to the residents of Lower Ninth ward

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