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Is ImJayStation faking a dead girlfriend for subs? (Update: Yes he is!)

- ImJayStation is a YouTuber with more than 5.4 million subscribers (op: why?!). He is known for his 3AM "challenge," "buying things from the dark web," and trying to communicate with recently dead celebrities (most notably Mac Miller and Etika, causing many people to call him out for profiting off their deaths). He is also known for his videos having homophobic (his gay potion videos), racist and sexist undertones as well as talk yelling way too much and the overuse of the word GUYS.
- On January 21, 2020 ImJayStation posted a video titled "My Girlfriend Alexia Died... *Rest In Paradise*". In the video, he claimed his girlfriend Alexia was struck and killed by a drunk driver the day before. Skeptics were quick to point out how he never sheds real tears in the video and how quick he was to start talking about their shared channel and how it was her dream to hit a million subs.
- He posted another video where he went to a roadside memorial that had supposedly been set up by her parents. The snow looked old and had no indication there had been an accident there (tire marks, etc;). There is also a wood signpost that ImJayStation says she must have hit, however, if that was the case wouldn't a wood sign have been broken? There is nothing at all indicating that there was an accident there.
- YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers even shared a phone conversation he had with the Toronto Police in a video where the officer said he didn't have anyone of that name having passed away.
- There is no mention of a fatal car accident on January 20 on the Toronto Police or Ottawa Police press release page. There is mention of an accident on January 21 that resulted in a young woman being killed but it doesn't match any of what ImJayStation claimed. OP also put the location of the accident into GoogleMaps and it doesn't look anything like the roadside location in his second video.
- Earlier today ImJayStation posed a new video "DEAD GIRLFRIEND OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3AM!! (GONE WRONG)." OP hasn't bothered to watch the video because he doesn't deserve the views.
- In 2017 ImJayStation flew from Toronto to Texas to meet up with an underage fan and spend the night in a hotel room with her. You can still see all these videos on his old channel. The fan was later interviewed by another YouTuber where she said that even though nothing happened she was too paranoid to sleep that night because she didn't know what he would do.
- As of the time, this post was submitted there have been no police reports, news articles or obituaries confirming Alexia's passing.

**UPDATE: ImJayStation posted a video called "ALEXIA MARANO *THE TRUTH ABOUT HER*" where he admitted that Alexia is indeed still alive and had never been involved in an accident. He also said Alexia had left him and is on a ~mission to ruin his career and had reported him to police for assault with a weapon. The video shows some footage of the police coming to his door and informing him of these allegations.

**UPDATE 2: ImJayStation claimed that there was a warrant out for this arrest. The Toronto Police told NewsWeek "at this time, there is no Toronto Police warrant on file for a Jason Ethier."

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OBVIOUSLY if Alexia has passed away I will delete this post and apologize to her family. But as someone who has lost three people to a drunk driver, this is absolutely despicable.
Tags: internet celebrities, web series / youtube
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