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Lori Tan Chinn talks about her long career and racism in the arts

  • Chinn plays Awkwafina's grandmother in the new series Nora From Queens, based on Awkwafina's life and her close relationship with her grandmother

  • Chinn says she was ready to give up acting and go on food stamps before landing the role

  • Born in Seattle but ran off to NYC to become a dancer and actress

  • A lot of her early roles (and even later roles) involved awful Asian stereotypes

  • When there were decent roles for Asian women she often lost out to white women, including Meryl Streep

  • Doesn't blame Meryl Streep for taking the role but still has a personal shit list of non-Asian actresses who play Asian (Emma Stone gets a shout out)

  • Credits the NYC African-American arts community with nurturing her career and keeping her employed (solidarity between poc!)

  • Her role in Orange is the New Black did not pay well and she still had to work odd jobs to survive

  • Her role in Nora From Queens is the most liberating and fun role she's ever had

  • Is happy that there is currently a cinematic Asian-American new wave but is obviously sad it didn't occur when she was younger

  • Money is still a problem though


ONTD fave films from the Asian-American new wave?
Tags: actor / actress, asian celebrities, race / racism
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