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ONTD Original: 12 Songs & Artists Camila Cabello Has Been Accused of Ripping Off

*This is a companion piece to my ONTD Original on Taylor Swift and her alleged musical plagiarism over the years.

There’s a saying that goes: “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Unfortunately, Camila Cabello is arguably not a “great artist,” as suggested in part by her recent failure to sell out more than 50% of seats at her upcoming Romance arena tour. She’s also been involved in countless racist scandals, and overall, has not taken off as one of Gen Z's choice Pop Girls, in spite of great efforts from producers and industry bigwigs.

Camila has always claimed to be heavily involved in writing her own music (never forget the self-written cringe masterpiece that is “Cinderella”), and she is clearly a huge pop music fan, so it’s fair to assume she was also involved in most of her album’s production and writing decisions. Including the you know...possible theft. Whether these alleged lifts are a direct result of Camila’s machinations, greedy and lazy music producers, or are just a symptom of made-for-radio pop music being hyper-derivate in general...we may never know for certain. One thing’s for sure though, there’s a LOT of songs on this list even though she’s only released two studio albums so far, so let’s strap in and go for a ride. Please note that this post is for entertainment purposes only, and I am aware none of these OG artists invented XYZ. Except well...some of this is pretty sketchy. You'll see.

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1. “She Loves Control” (2018)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Waterfall” by Stargate feat. P!nk & Sia (2017)

It appears that Camila and her writing team ripped off the melody, beat, and main parts of the chorus from Stargate’s original song, including the main lyric of Camila's song: “She loves control," which in the original song is: "I've lost control." Not very subtle. Plus, the original came out only a year before Camila dropped her debut album.

2. “Into It” (2018)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Sober” (2017) & “Homemade Dynamite (Remix)” (2017) by Lorde

This one is also from Camila’s self-titled debut, Camila. Upon close listen, “Into It” appears to borrow from the production style and vocal phrasing of Lorde’s song “Sober,” produced by Jack Antonoff. “Into It” was not produced by Antonoff (instead Frank Dukes), but curiously, famed OneRepublic lead and lyricist Ryan Tedder did contribute writing credits to the record. Perhaps he’s to blame? We may never know for certain...

Fans have also found sonic links between “Into It” and the remix of Lorde’s song “Homemade Dynamite” from 2017 that features Khalid, Post Malone & SZA.

3. “In the Dark” (2018)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “How that Taste” by Kehlani (2015)

Fans have noticed that the dreamy instrumental intro to both songs are eerily similar, as well as the lyrics, melodies, and beats. This one doesn’t personally stand out to me as much, but I admit that I do hear it.

4. “Havana” feat. Young Thug (2017)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez

Now we have come to the song that gave Camila her first #1 hit on the Billboard charts. The live version was even nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. However, many have noticed that both the melody and beat of “Havana” is nearly identical to Selena Gomez’s hit “Same Old Love” (which, interestingly, was co-written by Charli XCX). Is this a random case of radio-made pop being incredibly formulaic...or...?

COUNTER-ARGUMENT from someone in the YouTube comment section: "I'm sick of people saying she stole music from Selena Gomez Same Old Love. The sample used in Havana is a [typical] piano chord used in in mid XX century Mexican and Cuban music, which alludes the Cuban golden era, making reference to the title of the song. Also, although the rhythm may be similar, musically talking, Same Old Love sample lasts 4 times, while Havana's last 8."

5. “Real Friends” (2017)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber (2015)

There are clear acoustic similarities between both songs, though that could just be because they both employ acoustic guitars. As always, you be the judge, ONTD.

6. “Inside Out” (2017)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Queen” by Meghan Trainor (2015)

PERSONALLY, both songs sound fairly generic to me, and “Queen” is a way lesser-known Meghan Trainor track...but here we are.

7. "Never Be the Same” (2017)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis (2007)

Though the breathy “nicotine, heroin, morphine” line from Camila’s song is pretty distinct, fans have pointed out that the intro and instrumentals are very similar to the 2007 Leona Lewis hit, “Bleeding Love.” Both songs are also about falling head-over-heels in love.

8. "All These Years” (2018)
Camila was accused of ripping off… “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeren (2014) & “Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld & Gret feat. Zedd (2016)

The acoustics intro of "All These Years" is very similar to both Ed and Hailee’s intros. The lyrics from the intro to "All These Years" are also quite thematically similar to the opening ones in Ed's hit, and the production style has a lot of similarities as well.

9. "Liar” (September 2019)
Camilla was accused of ripping off… “Karma” by MARINA (April 2019)

WHEW! We've finally moved on from Camila and are now focusing on music from Camila's second studio album, Romance. Marina Diamandis aka MARINA fans were quick to point out the many sonic similarities between the two tracks. Ironically, MARINA’s track lambasts users, abusers, and toxic people, assuring her listeners that one day they will get what is coming to them, while Camila’s record is about…the consequences of being a liar and a toxic person. Interesting.

10. "My Oh My” feat. DaBaby (2019)
Camilla was accused of ripping off… “Llaman a la puerta” by Tierra Sur (2016)

Tierra Sur is a Peruvian reggae band, though as far as I know they were not credited as a sample. This one is honestly hard NOT to hear.

11. BONUS ALLEGED THIEVERY: Lana Del Rey’s aesthetic

After posting this dreamy teaser video for her second album Romance in late 2019, Lana Del Rey replied in the Instagram comments with: “What the hell?”

Fans interpreted this as a nod to Lana indirectly suggesting that Camila had copied her music video aesthetic and style. (In my opinion, it also reminds me a lot of Rihanna's "We Found Love" video intro, though it bears a much closer resemblance to Lana's "Ride" video).

During a live performance of “Never Be the Same” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Camila also had a visual background aesthetic that more or less mirrored Lana Del Rey’s signature soft-grunge retro B-roll visuals, as seen in her music videos for “Carmen” and “Video Games.”

12. Halsey’s tour merch designs

I must, of course, also give credit to where credit is due and thank the YouTuber OPC TV for making a lot of these connections and/or reaches for me. I'm sure there are other examples that I may be missing, so please let me know!

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