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Hit Movies That Became Flop TV Shows; ONTD Orgional

Companion piece to the post Hit TV Shows that Became Flop Movies.

Note; the trailer makes it seem more like a comedy, than a drama with some comedy elements.

This 1992 film starred Tom Hanks as a washed up ball player who ends up managing an all-girls team (Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, Et al.) during War War 2.

(I apologize for the quality, it was the only thing I could find.)
This 1993 series ignores several events from the movie for the second season of The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League with Sam McMurry in Hank’s role & a couple of the original actress returing as their characters . 6 episodes were made but only 5 aired on CBS. Random trivia; Penny Marshall and Tom Hanks directed episodes.

This 2001 film follows Officer Hoyt (Eathan Hawk) on a day long evaluation/training by Detective Harris (Denzel Washington), a corrupt cop.

The 2017 series deals with Officer Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell) who is partnered with the morally ambiguous Detective Frank Roarke (Bill Paxon). 13 episodes aired on CBS and the series was on its way to being cancelled even before Paxon’s death.

This 1986 film follows suburbanites Ferris (Matthew Broderick), his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) & his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) as they skip school and spend the day in Chicago.

The 1990 Ferris Bueller was a loose adaptation of the film with Charlie Schlatter in the title role who claimed to be the “real life” inspiration for the movie in the first episode. The series moved the setting to California & changed their parents names. 13 episodes aired on NBC. Random trivia; Jennifer Anistion played Ferris’ sister Jeannie.

This 2002 comedy follows Fotoula "Toula" Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) a middle-class Greek-American as she meets, falls in love with, & marries upper-class non-Greek Ian Miller (John Corbett).

My Big Fat Greek Life was a 2003 series that featured the newlyweds, now renamed Nia & Thomas (Vardalos & Steven Eckholdt) dealing with Portokalos’ overbearing Greek family. A few of the original actors return in their roles. 7 episodes aired on CBS.

This 1968 film starring Charlton Heston as an astronaut who, along with 2 of his crew, crash lands on a planet where apes are the dominant, intelligent species & humans are a mute, subservient species.

The 1974 series follows the adventures of two other astronauts (Ron Harper & James Naughton) that crash on the same ape-controlled planet after they are declared enemies of the state. Joining the two on the run is a young male chimpanzee (Roddy McDowall who played Cornelius and Caesar in various film versions) that has also been declared an enemy of the state for helping them. 14 episodes aired on CBS.

Dishonorable mentions;
Uncle Buck (1989) had 2 failed series, 1 in 1990 with 22 episodes (6 unaired) on CBS & 1 in 2016 with 8 episodes on ABC.
Casablanca (1942) also had 2 failed series. 1 in 1955 with 10 episodes on ABC & 1 in 1983 with 5 episodes on NBC.
Tremors (1990) The Tremors 2003 series had 13 episodes on the Sci-Fi channel (as it was known then)
Rush Hour (1998) The 2016 series only had 13 episodes on CBS.
Working Girl (1988) The 1990 series of the same name was loosely based on the film & had 12 episodes (4 unaired) on NBC. Random trivia; the series starred Sandra Bullock.

Sources: Me, myself & I
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