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Reese Witherspoon Book Club Wants a Librarian-in-Residence; Book Riot Calls It Volunteer Position

** will help collect and catalog resources

** have group discussions about books

** will communicate directly with authors

** doesn't necessarily need library experience

** must be comfortable on camera

Book Riot writes response, calling it a contest for a volunteer position.

** disappointed that position won't be paid. especially when libraries all over face intense criticism when it comes to funds.

** librarian salaries are disproportionate to the education expected

** "The public loves to praise the work done by librarians, but they don’t love to pay for the services."

** plays into the belief that librarians will do things for free out of the goodness of their hearts. Encourages women to do things for free if they want to be deemed "worthy".

RW Book Club states that it has always been a paid position. They have updated the web page to make it more clear.

Book Riot has updated their article as well.

ONTD, do you support your local library?

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Tags: books / authors, celebrity social media, reese witherspoon
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