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Onision's daughter fell out a window

- As a follow up to previous posts about YouTuber Onision it was uncovered this week that in September Onision and CoolGuyKai's two-year-old daughter fell out of a two-story-window.
- On September 12, 2019 police responded to a medical aid call at the couple's house. Police had previously been there for a welfare check with Child Protective Services. CPS informed the police of Hansen's investigation but at the time there was no evidence that would lead to the removal of the children.
- Onision took a video showing the aftermath of the accident when police asked why he did this Onision claimed it was to show a doctor and to show that he was not responsible (citing an incident that took place 8 years ago). The officer thought this was strange.
- On September 16, 2019 an anonymous email was sent to the principle of the one of the child's school saying that the children "had been in abusive household for many years."
- Twitter users have pointed out that on the day of the incident and the days following Onision continued to post disgusting tweets (which OP will not be linking too) and fake breakdown videos.

Source + 1

OP Note: Roundup posts of the Hansen interviews are on their way!
Tags: internet celebrities, sexual misconduct, web series / youtube
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