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María Félix "La Doña"-inspired collection presented in Paris Fashion Week

Translated from Spanish

María Félix, Mexican actress and jet-setter from the Mexican cinema Golden Era, was known for her extremely strong personality and her liking for luxurious things, earning her the monicker of "La Doña", a respectful honorific in Spanish for a lady, making her a fixture in the arts, politics and movie scene of Paris and Mexico City. She was a personal acquaintance of and would frequently wear the likes of Dior, Givenchy, among others, and even served as the muse for French jeweler house Cartier, to create some of their most famous pieces like the snakes and crocodiles drenched in gemstones, that she would often wear.

During this year's Paris Fashion Week, fashion designer Franck Sorbier, introduced a collection fully inspired in María Félix, presenting her models riding horses, as escaramuzas (female equestrian in the charrería mexicana), all wearing big skirts loaded in color, long folkloric dresses, sombreros and suede boots that reminded the audience of movies like "La Generala" and "La Cucaracha".

Sorbier's collection took inspiration on the Mexican diva's Yaqui and Spaniard roots. "She always portrayed strong, proud and haughty women" the designer said to a French site. Also taking inspiration on the Adelitas (women in the millitary that participated in the Mexican Revolution), and who la Félix held in esteem for their courage.

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