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The ‘Below Deck’ Brüs Should Be Absolutely Ashamed Of Themselves

Writer for Decider.com, Lea Palmieri, absolutely destroys the misogynistic brüs on this season of Bravo’s Below Deck in a new article. Episode after episode, the majority of the comments on social media are rightfully dragging the men this season for the vile and downright disgusting ways they are treating the women on the boat.

Palmieri writes, “Brian’s text message to Courtney about ‘just having fun’ was undeniably a dick move, but I care less about that and more about the fact that he jumped to conclusions when Kevin came running to him with the gossip. These guys are the biggest gossips and divas on the boat, without a doubt. Kevin’s back went out because his skeleton can’t even support all the shit he talks, and he’s not respected Kate or her authority for one second on this boat.”

Even Below Deck’s chief stew Kate Chastain retweeted the article, tweeting: “Thank you @LittleLeaP for explaining this so precisely 🙌.” Read her full article dragging the brüs here.

So, will there be a Below Deck Season 7 Reunion where we hope to see the boys get dragged and questioned to hell and back? Yes! Viewers feared there wouldn’t be one after its spinoff, Below Deck Mediterranean, did not receive one last season. Decider confirmed that the reunion will air on Monday, February 10th on Bravo.

Only 2 episodes are left in the current season.

Ashton tells the after show that he’s tired of the word misogynistic being “thrown around.” Chef Kevin Dobson claims that “the scales are never going to be balanced” between men and women. They then ask producers if they could cut out the footage of that conversation to avoid backlash. Producers didn’t.

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