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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau buys donuts at a local bakery, gets criticized for doing so

Megxit who? This is the real political scandal in Canada right now...

-Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg for the three-day Liberal Cabinet Retreat

-An online order was placed for multiple dozens of donuts at bakery Oh Doughnuts; on Monday they learned who it was for when he picked them up

-Social media users are outraged that he didn't choose cheaper donuts from a place like Tim Hortons

-People jumped to the conclusion that he paid a whopping $47 per dozen. Not the case! The bakery says their fancier donuts would come to $47 per dozen, but he ordered basic assorted donuts AND got a 10% discount for ordering online

-The bakery fired back at the haters and called out Tim Hortons for all the shitty stuff they've done (locking out staff for a 10-cent raise, donuts aren't baked fresh in stores, local ingredients aren't used). Oh Doughnuts is a local bakery and thus needs to charge more than Tim Hortons.

Source / Source 2

ONTD, tell me about your favourite donuts!
Tags: canadian celebrities, food / food industry, politics
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