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Taylor Swift Ends Tumblr Hiatus + Will Perform at The Grammys (Report)

Taylor Swift has returned to tumblr! Swift, who had not been seen on tumblr since the day Cats premiered / the day she found out "Beautiful Ghosts" didn't make the Oscars shortlist, started 'liking' crazed fan posts the second that the trailer for her new infomercial "Taylor Swift: Miss Americana" dropped. Some highlights include:

She also reblogged one post, claiming that her 2012 song "The Lucky One" was a warning that she would disappear:

Last time I checked, Joni Mitchell did NOT sign partnerships with Amazon, Apple and Capital One and then make a documentary about her ~absense from the industry~

Hits Daily Double also confirmed that, despite the allegations of sexual misconduct and nomination manipulation within the Recording Academy, Taylor will be performing at this year's Grammy Awards (as seen in this tweet and their article about Miss Americana)

Maybe it's a 10 year celebration of this performance

Source 1, Source 2

ONTD are you excited to watch a documentary ABOUT A WOMAN?
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