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15 Minutes With Fiona Apple


+ Fiona Apple talks about her album updates, a possible tour, and finally watching Jennifer Lopez doing a mind-altering pole-dance to "Criminal" in Hustlers. [Full interview]

+ On her new album and possibly touring: It’s really up to me. It’ll be done soon. It’s just I have to do artwork and stuff, and I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. I don’t know. Sometime in a few months, I guess. [...] I want to [tour] and I don’t want to. [Laughs.] It’s so scary for me, all that stuff. I’m pushing it out of my mind. In the next two weeks, I have to have a meeting with the band about what our plans are and what’s going to work. They’re all in other bands, so they have other schedules.


+ On donating to charities like "While They Wait": We all know that the border is pretty much closed off to all asylum seekers. The people on the other side, I don’t know how to help them. But those on this side, there’s over a million of them and they’re waiting for their cases to move through immigration court. You don’t think about the little things, just being able to survive while getting through court, because it takes such a long time. Like when they come from the warm side of the border and in NYC it’s cold. They need warm clothing, food, cell phones to navigate the system. They need to get in touch with their families and to be able to get to their family members, if they’re far away — a bus ticket or a plane ticket, to make sure they’re not homeless. This is shit that I’d never have known — you have to apply to get work authorization, and to get a green card, you have to have a physical, and that’s really expensive. The fund is giving them the money to do these things.


+ On Hustlers and JLo: By the way, Jennifer Lopez was amazing in Hustlers. Constance Wu was amazing. And I fucking love that the whole thing was about their friendship. The ending being about, What does she think of me, does she still love me? And that Jennifer still had Constance’s picture with her and it made her cry! It was so beautiful. And obviously the dance was amazing. [Laughs.] I totally forgot that my song was playing during it. You know what I loved? That scene where Ramona is teaching Destiny the moves and it’s classical music in the background. I could’ve watched them pole-dance to classical music forever.

+ On King Princess being her son: My son Mikaela (King Princess) donated her royalties from her cover of “I Know” to While They Wait Fund! It was used in some show called Dare Me, I think … I’m so proud of her... […] I got an email almost exactly a year ago, asking if I’d like to collaborate with King Princess on something and they sent me a song of hers, “Dressed in White,” I think. And I immediately loved her voice, of course. Then I think my manager forgot to respond and it was too late and I was pissed because I never actually want to do stuff and the one time I did … Anyway, somehow the opportunity came up again, and this time I just made a video of myself saying hello to her and sent it along — then she sent one back and she came over and we just loved each other. It was so easy to hang with her. And I just started calling her “Mijo” at some point as a nickname for Mikaela and also because she’s just … she’s my son, I can’t explain it!

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