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Comedy writer talks about his bizarre, endless "feud" with SNL head writer Michael Che

- this guy Jack Allison tweeted that SNL sucks, without tagging/@-ing the show, and Che responded on IG and got weirdly personal
- this has gone on for MONTHS with Che posting weird lies about this guy's personal life and always pointing out that he's "poor"
- there was that other time someone else wrote an article about everyone hating Jost (lmao) and Che responded by saying that the author has sex with dogs and other charming stuff
- talks more about the fallacy of 'cancel culture' and comedians being insanely thin-skinned (Seinfeld complaining about "PC" college students; Davidson's weird NDA nonsense)
- menareweak.gif

It should be noted that this Jack guy is a hardcore Bernie Bro who hates The Last Jedi because Holdo is obviously a metaphor for Hillary, so...grain of salt, but he ain't wrong here. At least Jost has the sense to slightly hide his shittiness by staying off social media.
source | twitter
Tags: black celebrities, cancellation, celebrity social media, comedy / comedian, men are weak, saturday night live (nbc)
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