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The View: Ken Jeong, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full Panel

Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong is promoting You Complete Me, Ho on Netflix and new film Elsewhere

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Rare on SNL they used an Asian actor to portray KJ in parody. KJ talks about seeing it, was watching because it was Eddie Murphy show. He and his family were like WAAT! Joy talks Asian presence. KJ brings up Awkwafina, Parasite. Talks about his stand-up special on Netflix; the title is a tribute to his wife. He explains. He married a Ho. It’s her name but he riffs on the jokes. His family is in no way sick of his jokes haha. KJ talks about his career history, being on Community. Talks about being naked in movies, but also being emotionally naked. He’s funny about it.

Sunny talks about his new movie. It’s a dramatic role. Her husband watched it, too. KJ talks about the plot and his character. Parker Posey is also in the film. Lists the rest of the cast. Appreciated the director trusted him for the role. Also on The Masked Singer. KJ says it’s surprisingly addictive. It’s like a tip of the tongue, thinking you know who it is. Hypes the next episode. Some former The View hosts are on the show. KJ made his stand up debut on The View. Thinks he looks like his grandson lol.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™ Wag the Irandog©

Sham trial started today. Blergh. If Democrats are as dumb and ridiculous as GOP claims, then provide witnesses and documents that support T45 claims. Americans want to see documents and witnesses, but Moscow Mitch won’t have it. What is he hiding. Loool that Dershowitz and Starr are two of his attorneys. Joy stays on topic, people who are actually part of this admin and the impeachment. Sunny says why aren’t these Senators supporting the will of the people. There is a legal consensus that this is wrong, what McConnell is doing. Joy says her friends feel very powerless and upset. Call your Senator even the red ones and make your voice heard. They only need 51 votes.

CNN poll said 51% want him not only impeached but also removed. [Fucking half. Stop playing that down, Me-again]. Joy still believes it’s a coverup and we need to vote him out, but this doesn’t vindicate T45 because of this sham trial. Sunny agrees, they’re so averse to the will of the people, they will be voted out. They’re hedging their bets on a very high gamble. Remember 2018 midterms and we didn’t even have impeachment and Ukraine then. People who keep comparing to Clinton trial, for starters, that was an actual trial with witnesses, documents, evidence, and also the American voters never wanted him out of office. Whoopi says stuff. It all comes down to, no one can tell you what to think or do, you need to research for yourself and vote.

Hot Topic NY Times Endorsement is Stupid

NYT Editorial Board endorsed Klobuchar AND Warren, because the NYT Editorial Board has been dum dums for years now. While it is not dum dum for a paper to endorse a candidate, it is dum dum to endorse two candidates, and disparate ones at that, and the whole article was a hot mess. Not going to transcribe the whole interview but basically, why two people, why only women, why these two women who are different from each other, Klobuchar has low black voter support. There are 9 people on the board, should’ve said this was their opinion and kept endorsements out of it.

The only thing good about the NYT endorsement was the hashtag with everyone making fun of it. Example, I endorse the Chiefs. I also endorse the 49ers. And on and on it went 😃

Hot Topic Viral Biden Video

Plays clip. Biden was on his way to meet with NYT Weekly, a series they’re doing for all the campaigns. Panel talks about the personal connection people feel about candidates. Whoopi says tune all that out, investigate the candidates, look past the sound bites. Joy reminds that people voted for Bush43 because he seemed like someone who they wanted to have a beer with. Some Yang support from panel. Biden has strong black voter support.

Hot Topic Here We Go Again

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Hillary said some things about Bernie, in an interview ahead of a 4-part documentary that will be premiering at Sundance Film Festival this weekend, and will air on Hulu. Panel talks about Bernie Bros problem. Sunny brings up that Sanders registered as Independent for Senate in 2024 but he’s running as Democrat for Potus in 2020. Whoopi says be transparent, don’t say you’re one thing but do another. Joy loves democratic socialists, she’s slept with several, audience laughs.

Hot Topic Brad and Jennifer

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You may have seen or heard that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston spoke and, hold on, touched each other, Sunday night. Whoopi brings out her Valley Girl accent. Plays clip of Pitt speech. People are obsessed! Wonders why people think they’re getting back together. Sunny points out the other photo, where his hand is on hers, and her finger was inside his lapel. Whoopi tries to calm people down, so they figured out how to interact if they both won. Doesn’t mean they’re going to get back together. Joy quotes herself, So What Who Cares. Sunny says JA invited BP to her 50th bday party. Whoopi says, so, she was there, too. Sunny wanted the tea, but Whoopi said she saw BP with a lot of people there and JA with a lot of people there. Thinks Sunny should wonder what Whoopi was doing!!

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Every day I’m putting this out there in the universe. Listen to me, universe, listen to me.

Ontd are you watching the Senate Sham Trial? Feel free to go OT in post, I’ll put one up tomorrow if there’s enough interest.

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