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The cast of "Birds of Prey" cover " Glamour"

[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Margo Robbie, Jurnee Smollett- Bell, Rosie Perez, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, spoke to Glamour about their film " Bird's of Prey".

- Robbie on pitching a film having four female leads,a female director,and writer.
Robbie: I remember when I was pitching the project ,I was struggling to find comparisons other than " Charlie's Angels", which I adored when I was younger. Then I was like,that was a long time ago,though. I think girls tend to exist in a hive more so than guys. I thought it was strange that we don't see that reflected on the screen more often".

- After one particular exhausting day, Rosie Perez made a drink of coconut milk and rum called coquito , that Robbie Calls " lethal". Smollet- Bell:" She( Perez) cooked for us and we all cried. We all had therapy sessions with each other". They were mum on what was said, but Perez gave this insight. Perez" The world is trash"

- The cast on on not having to worry about skintight clothes or lingering body shots for the first time in their career's. Robbie:" The female gaze just happened inherently because there were mainly woman making the decisions. We were all just picking what we thought was cool".Perez:" I didn't feel objectified. I'm the oldest one here and I was dreading the wardrobe. I was expecting a skintight suit". (Instead she's wearing trousers and a button down,as a real detective would) Perez:"When I saw it ,I went Oh! Then when I saw the other girls, I was like,you look hot! You look hot,you look hot,yay! I was happy. You could be sexy, but you didn't have to put on the sexiness".

-Winstead:" You're not scrutinized with "How can she be hotter"? Which is an experience I've definitely had in the past". Perez: " It's not like ,let's put her in that because her ass is great, which I know we've all experienced".

- Smollet-Bell" I realized, prior to this,how many projects I've been on where I'm the only woman on set and how alone I've felt".

- Perez on feeling suprised that only the four woman were on the official poster. Perez:" In a lot of films ,the male always gets first billing no matter how big or small their part is, being in this business for so long, you still think the men are going to show up,you know? It felt very very empowering".

- At one point during the discussion the cast is asked what each one has learned from each other. Everyone turns to Perez. Perez: "Why did you all look at me"? Smollett- Bell: " Because your so wise. We all have girl crushes on you,in case you can't tell".

-Perez decides to share what she appreciated about each of the woman. Perez: "I appreciated how Margot can be in charge but not make you feel less than. Sometimes when actors are also producers,they feel that they have to wear that hat too strongly. That wasn't the case,so I appreciated how she kept her emotions in control all the time.her professionalism is outstanding". Winstead is the kindest person she's met. As for Smollett- Bell: "With Jurnee,what I appreciated was that she's so strong . She's so,so strong. You stand up for yourself in a vary,very specific way,But inside, you're so soft".

- Robbie on Perez. Robbie: " Rosie , who's a legend in this industry already ,can still show up like it's brand new,like she's never said these words before. It's always feels fresh and present. It's so thrilling to work opposite someone who makes you forget your on a set. The set melts away for a second. That only happens if people are present, and if they really show up for that scene with everything they have. Everyone here did that. I loved it ,I loved it".

"Bird's of Prey" premieres February 7 in theaters


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