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The View: Honoring MLK, Tyler Perry, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Billy Porter

Full Panel

The entire show focuses on honoring Martin Luther King Jr

Tyler Perry talks about his studio and promotes his new film on Netflix

Two clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Whoopi fawns over him, brings up his studio on 300 acres, talks the history. TP says Atlanta always felt like the promised land for him, talks the irony of it all. It’s down the street from where he was once homeless. Where he started and now his dream come true. Sunny brings up the 12 sound stages. Lists some of them, including Whoopi. Sunny thanked him for inviting her, said it was inspirational and aspirational. TP explains why he named them after people in the industry. Whoopi talks about how much she respected from the time they met, how much it meant to her that he asked to name a studio after her. Only wishes that her mom was around to see this. Joy mentions November debate was held at his studios. TP talks about how much that meant to him. Talks about Biden going to his replica of the WH after the debate. TP is waiting for the nominee, doesn’t want to get ahead of it. Black people always make a difference, so he’s waiting for the nomination. TP says he wants someone who is morally there for everyone, not just part of the country. Talks about his 5 yr old, and disciplining him. The boy was going at the nanny about this and that. Tells the experience of how he talked to his son.

Promotes A Fall From Grace on Netflix. Plays clip. Sunny watched it last night, tells a bit of the plot. Lots of spoilers that she doesn’t share, not as straightforward as it seems. TP explains what prompted him to put this story out there. Mentions a mom & son grifter who crossed the country. TP talks about the actress who he gave the leading role to, been in the business for 40 years, he wanted her to get her break. Joy says he’s amazing, this is amazing. TP says everyone is talking about Oscars So White, but feels everyone should focus on the work, making something that’s important. Joy mentions he has 8 shows in production, doesn’t he want help. TP explains bad experience with writer’s room. There will be other projects that won’t be TP projects, with other creators.

Hot Topic Maya Rockeymoore Cummings

She’s very pretty. Widow of Elijah Cummings. Talks about her late husband’s life. She is running to take his open seat. Speaks about him taking up voting rights, access to health care. Sunny thinks of him as a hero, also brings up John Lewis. Asks if she feels optimistic. MRC felt like this was our zero moment for our future. Thinks T45 is trying to take us back 100 years. But she sees people, women, young people, rising up and saying Not Today Satan. Joy quotes some T45 remarks about Elijah, asks how he took it. MRC says it hurt him deeply, and was already battling health issues. It depressed him and stressed him. MRC talks how they met, that she has the fight in her, they talked about her running for his seat when the time came. Talks about his passing and the timeline which included a preventative double mastectomy (what?! ☹) Sunny asks more about that. MRC mother died of stage 4, her sister was diagnosed with stage 2. Whoopi says she’s getting it done.

Hot Topic Last Debate Lacking Diversity

Whoopi asks if panel is concerned that last debate didn’t have any poc. Joy talks about T45 being awful. Sunny pronounces the word divisiveness in a weird way. Me-again talks about herself but is on her best behavior. Joy believes people should be vigilant. Whoopi talks about her own experience. Says that there were a lot of poc so even though they didn’t make it to the end, they were there, and that’s a difference. Now we see women who are making their voice heard. Sunny hopes that VP pick may be either a poc or at least a woman.

Hot Topic Billy Porter and Children’s Choir Perform

More of people like these kids please and thanks.

The backstory first, it's inspiring. The choirs are from the Cardinal Shehan School Community and Krieger Schechter Day School. They sing Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand and Imagine.

Hot Topic The Fierce 44

Book about black Americans who shook up the world. Title nod to Obama 44th President.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Even on her good days, she's so extra, pfft

Ontd do you remember the first time you heard MLK I Have a Dream speech?

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