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Eat the Rich: Classism in the UK Entertainment Industry, Pt. 2 [ONTD Original]

[Part 1] [Part 3]

[OP note: For those on mobile, be aware that your screens may temporarily be hijacked by Gremlins and run on molasses. Enter at your own risk. Gif usage is in effect. PICS AND TEXT HEAVY!]

Main CourseCollapse )

Bonus + Honourable MentionsCollapse )

Film Recommendations (British Cinema): Our Mother’s House (Drama, 1967; Dir. Jack Clayton); Kes (Drama, 1969; Dir. Ken Loach); Educating Rita (Drama, 1983; Dir. Lewis Gilbert); Naked (Drama, 1993; Dir. Mike Leigh) and Vera Drake (Drama, 2004); An Awfully Big Adventure (Drama, 1995; Dir. Mike Newell); Fridge (Short, 1995; Dir. Peter Mullan ) and his feature Neds (Drama, 2010); Trainspotting (Black Comedy, 1996; Dir. Danny Boyle); No Child of Mine (Drama, 1997; Dir. Peter Kosminsky); The Unloved (Drama, 2009; Dir. Samantha Morton)

More recs from BFI

Additional Source: 52 | 53 | 54 | 55 | 56 | 57 | 58 | 59 | 60 | 61 | 62 | 63 | 64 | 65 | 66 | 67 | 68
Pics Source: Google, Tumblr, WizardingWorld.com (Pottermore)
Header Graphic: Me

Thank you to everyone who appreciated all the hard work that went into Part 1 and hopefully, the sequel delivers, too!

TL; DR If the rich were pastries, would they be more appetizing, ONTD?

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