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The View: Alicia Menendez, Robin Roberts, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Whoopi is off. Ana is guest host. Today is Abby’s last day.

Alicia Menendez

Alicia Menendez (MSNBC) is promoting her book The Likability Trap

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Tries not to give unsolicited advice but she receives it all the time. Talks about Likability factor in politics. Joy talks Hillary vs T45. AM talks more about likability. Voters will vote for a man even if they don’t like him, if they thinks he’s competent. Voters need to like women and think they’re competent, it’s a double hurdle. Brings up Germany’s Angela Merkel. AM talks about the misogynistic culture. Joy says when you want to be liked, people don’t. When you don’t care if you’re liked, they do. AM says you can’t control it. You can be the best version of yourself but still can’t make other people like you. Discussion about resting b’tch face. AM talks about her husband, he’ll ask if she’s ok, she’s like I’m fine it’s just my face. Women are seen as angry, men are seen as passionate. AM says women need to push back. Ana says she’s one who doesn’t care. She likes herself, doesn’t care what others think.

Hot Topic Fare Thee Well Abby

Joy says Abby always kept her calm. Plays summary clip. For inexplicable reasons, it includes a Me-again McCain MyDad™ moment. Ana says Abby lost all her baby weight and Ana kept it haha. Ana says her nice goodbye things, she wasn’t on the panel when it was announced. Her dad and mom taped a goodbye clip. In respect to rumors, says she loves everyone at the table. Says she’s leaving being thankful for the friends.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™ Wag the Irandog©

As usual the Pink Pinnochio © tries it with idontknowher.gif despite there being eleventy billion photos of him with Parnas in a really chummy way, not just a photo op.

Plays clip. This lying f’cker. Shows all the photos of Parnas with the many of the criminal enterprise. Parnas even worked for T45 father in 1980s. I mean come tf on. Abby says it’s only a matter of time before T45 claims he doesn’t know Rudy Colludy. Ana says she’s seen more photos of T45 with Parnas than she’s seen photos of T45 with his own spawns. It’s his modus operandi, just gaslight and lie. Sunny says some of his cult idiots will actually believe him, that he doesn’t know Parnas. Joy says it’s not even new info. Maddow show with Parnas got 4.5M views. Joy is disgusted at the possibility of 4 more years. Ana says he behaves so lawlessly, god help us all if he wins re-election.

Hot Topic AZ Senator McSally Goes MAGA

CNN reporter asked AZ Senator McSally about new evidence. She went full MAGA and called him a liberal hack. Plays clip. [This is the Senator who lost the election but was appointed by Governor to fill John McCain seat, and is up for election herself in 2020]. Ana says nobody likes to be followed but she was asked a normal question in a respectful way. If you don’t like her behavior, you can donate to her opponent Mark Kelly, who is leading her by 2 pts in the polls. She’s on thin ice. Arizona is purple but could go blue. Manu is such a well respected journalist, her MAGA play fell flat, she’s attacking the press re/CNN, bad move.

Hot Topic Robin Roberts 30 Yrs Anniversary

Ana jokes how young she still looks. RR says no two days are the same. Shows clips over the years. Longest co-anchor of GMA. Never missed a 3:15AM wake up call. Meditates and daily devotionals. Never thought about being an anchor growing up in Mississippi. Loved sports, didn’t think about being outside her comfort zone. You have to move on. Abby was a young intern for RR and Diane Sawyer. Says RR was kind to everyone no matter what they do.

RR is also executive producer for Stolen by My Mother (Lifetime) about a baby raised by someone who took her from her bio mother. Sunny talks more narrative of the story, about the baby who is now a woman. Talks nature vs nurture. Fake mom is serving time, but woman still sees her mom in jail. Woman talks to bio mother but it’s a roller coaster. Documentary shows where the woman is today, highlights both families.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Me-again is super mad /on Twitter/ about a NYT op-ed that is unfavorable to her.

Ontd are you done already with this year?

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