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Christophe Ruggia charged with sexually harassing Adèle Hanele when she was a minor

  • Haenel came forward in November of 2019 to reveal that Ruggia, a director who had cast Haenel in her debut film, had sexually harassed her from the time she was 12 to 15, causing her to quit acting for 5 years and become depressed and withdrawn

  • Her claims were backed up by letters he had written her, statements by crew members, and even a statement by his former girlfriend who said he had admitted he was attracted to Haenel during the time she worked on the film

  • Haenel revealed the depth of her harassment in a detailed interview with Mediapart and said she had chosen not to go to the police citing their bias against sexual assault victims, however the police opened an investigation following her statements, and later that month she confirmed through a lawyer that she was co-operating with their investigation

  • Ruggia, who was in his late 30s during the time when he harassed Haenel, was charged with "sexual aggression against a minor by a person of authority and sexual harassment"


I hope this brings Adèle some relief.
Tags: french celebrities, legal / lawsuit, sexual misconduct
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