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Former Star Paul Zimmer rebrands as Troy Becker after controversy

This sounds stupid and inconsequential but it is wild, homeboy is out here pretending to be a different person

- Paul Zimmer was a 24 year old (now known as TikTok) star with a large following of underage girls
- He was accused of scamming his followers, by asking for gifts/money via in exchange for shoutouts or features on his profile. He failed to follow through with those requests but accepted the money regardless
- He disappeared from social media and wiped his profiles clean until sometime in 2019
- Meanwhile, in 2019 an acting studio posted photos of someone named Troy Becker who bore a suspicious resemblance to an infamous social media star
- Zimmer re-emerged on social media with a post feat. beard where he claimed Troy was "a younger, sexier version" of him

- "Troy Becker" soon made an appearance on Zimmer's resurrected TikTok account, claiming Zimmer asked him to make a video because they looked so much alike
- Shortly after, Paul Zimmer posted on instagram that he was handing over his account to young actor Troy Becker because twinsies!
- "Troy Becker" claimed to be 16 years old and an aspiring actor, with a tv show and movie in the works
- However, legal documents revealed that Paul Zimmer (also a stage name, surprise) legally changed his name to Troy Becker
- This was covered by youtuber Danny Gonzalez, leading to Zimmer/Becker deleting his social media and disappearing yet again
- In conclusion: what the actual fuck?

Here's Danny Gonzalez's video rundown:

sources: [1] [2]
Tags: not today satan, what is the truth
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