Black Cube spy admits to trailing 91 Hollywood celebrities on behalf of Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein took extensive measures to keep his accusers quiet -- including hiring a private intelligence firm called Black Cube to spy on over 91 Hollywood celebrities, mainly actresses who accused him of sexual harassment and assault.

Former Israel Defense Forces member Seth Freedman, one of the operatives on that mission, came forward to BBC about his experience working for Weinstein.

Weinstein paid “a seven-figure sum” to Black Cube, which in return “gathered huge amounts of intelligence” for him. Freedman says he "posed as a journalist" and called high-profile people (like actress Rose McGowan) to extract information that he fed back to Weinstein.

In one instance, he recalls getting a 75-minute phone interview with Rose McGowan, leading her to believe it would end up in The Guardian as an exposé. McGowan admitted to Freedman during their chat that she planned to break a settlement she signed with Weinstein to open up in detail about her alleged rape in her memoir, “Brave”. He instead fed all of this information to Weinstein, who began having the actress followed.

The video of the interview can be found here.