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The View: Michael Bloomberg, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full panel

Michael Bloomberg

More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Whoopi asks if he watched debate. MB says it was the best debate in 2020. Haha. Didn’t feel like it addressed much. A lot of he said, she said. Felt scripted. We should think about another format. Abby wanted to see him up there. MB would prefer to be in the debate. Steyer is self-funded but he’s in the debate vs MB. Says lobbyists never went to his end at City Hall, went 12 yrs self-funded, would do the same thing as Potus. T45 is corrupt. If you can afford to be self-funded, then you should. Abby talks about his Twitter feed last night. MB plays it coy. They have a laugh about it. He likes meatballs. People thought he was hacked, but he was not! Social media folks were having some fun. Everyone is so serious. MB skipping the first 4 states but not by choice, it was because he entered late. Liked some candidate ideas, saw other ideas that seemed nice but couldn’t be implemented. Wouldn’t have time to build a ground base in the early states. MB doesn’t think he’s buying his way in. He’s spending money to beat T45. Talks about how he became personally wealthy. Considers it an investment in America like he invests in (anti) tobacco and guns.

Joy wonders what others will do with all their billions, but he’s spending his own money to avoid taking donations from voters or special interests. How will he spend money. MB talks about ground operation, 10 offices through certain states. Sunny likes what he’s said and stood for and she has friends who support him. Not everyone is happy all the time, but we’re open and honest, if he makes wrong decisions, he apologizes and tries again. Sunny brings up apology for stop n frisk policy. Talks details of his history with that topic. MB explains and elaborates on his evolution on the policy. [Too much to transcribe, better to hear what he says in 2nd clip].

Abby talks about culture at his company. MB says that an NDA doesn’t prevent to talk about things, but there are particulars that were mutually agreed. MB says sure he told some body jokes over time, wish he hadn’t, but says 20K employees since 1981 most people are fine, a few topics here and there don’t represent majority. MB says as a Jewish President, how would he address anti-Semitism. Talks about campus incidents, but ultimately it comes from the top. As Potus, top of family (parents), people need to call others out and say stop it. Racists are everywhere. Giving a speech in Tulsa this weekend, talks about affluent community, Black Wall Street, burned it to the ground. Talks about average black family vs others. Lots of inequality. MB supports a study for reparations. His first approach is education. Touts more NYC improvements when he was Mayor.

Whoopi manages to bring up Yang (loool). MB talks about social media influence on our culture. Too much to process, comes at you fast. Social media companies should have the same responsibilities as news organizations. MB thinks we should be able to go to a judge and get subpoena to look at data. Whoopi wants the money because of course. MB believes in corporate taxes for the uber companies. Whoopi wants neighborhoods to be shareholders for large companies that prevent the small business owners from realizing the American dream. MB talks taxes and lack of controls and taking info without permission or justification. Abby brings up vaping. MB talks stats on vaping. T45 promised to get rid of flavors then backed off. Whoopi wants the law to be followed, if it’s tobacco, why did this come back (re/vaping vs cigarettes). MB says he took blowback for NYC smoking ban. Age limit can be enforced better. Marketers have stopped selling to younger customers, or stopped selling it at all. Joy brings up T45 taunting MB. MB says he won’t taunt T45 in campaign because it feeds his ego.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™ Wag the Irandog©

Pelosi announced House Managers for Senate Impeachment trial. Plays clip. Nadler says T45 is on trial, and the [GOP] Senate is on trial. If the claims are wrong, then let witnesses testify. Abby thinks it’s still partisan /rme. [Same song, different day]. Sunny says a trial has witnesses and documents. Joy wonders if McConnell will do what is required. Brings up T45 pouty tweets.

No, they did not talk about Lev Parnas documents dump last night. Parnas will be on Maddow tonight.

Here are the House Managers Tweet

Hot Topic Debate Recap

Check the Live Viewing Post if you want the full Ontd story

Anyway last debate before Iowa caucus. Plays clip. Klobuchar shots fired, men down. Abby likes Klobuchar, if you only read the transcript, she’d be in the lead. Thinks she’d be a great VP. Midwestern girl, dry sense of humor. Real debate on healthcare is help for addiction, mental health, and assistive care. Sunny thought Warren won the night, she’s risen to the occasion. Men faded into the background. Joy thought Mayor Pete looked like a senior on the hs debate team.

Joy brings up Sanders, plays clip. Says he’ll support the nominee even if it’s not him. Plays clip, Warren wouldn’t shake Sanders hand. [The hashtags trending, all Russian bot generated, started before regular folks were even awake]. Whoopi wanted to hear Sanders phrase it differently. Will he do it immediately? It’s not that he didn’t do it at all last time, it took him a while. He needs to confirm he’ll do it timely.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

Boo hiss

Ontd blergh

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